Pyros Island 2 – Battle for Ormiskos

A Commands and Colors Ancients solo campaign, with RPG elements based on Bivius and the free subset of the Game Master’s Apprentice (GMA) Deck. See setup here.

Previous events: Neos, the son of the tyrant of Syracuse, has broken his marriage vow with the Carthaginian Bastet. His father exiled him to the island of Pyros (a Syracusan colony) where he became the lover of the ruler Zenon. Bastet and her mother Lilith attack Pyros to force Neos to marry Bastet or take revenge upon him. They occupy the Southern part of the island without encountering opposition, and defeat the Syracusan army in the Sika Valley.

The second battle takes place in the area between Lofos and Ormiskos.
[I randomly chose a terrain type: woods. And randomly placed a few tiles on the board]


Initial deployment is similar to that of the first Battle: Zenon and Bastet lead the main forces of the two sides. both leaders attached to Heavy Infantry units. Neos and Lilith face each other on the left-side of the Syracusan army: both are attached to Medium Infantry units.

The fight is hard on the wings lead by Lilith and Neos. Once again, Neos charges too boldly with his horsemen and his unit is destroyed [C:1 S:0]. He falls back to join a Light Infantry unit in a wooded area.

Neos’ cavalry is destroyed

Soon after, Zenon and Lilith meet at the center of the battlefield. The Syrancusan are the first to take damage: Zenon’s unit is reduced to half strength and a Medium Infantry unit at his right is almost destroyed. But he conquers his first banner, thanks to the destruction of an Auxilia Carthaginian unit. [C:1 S:1]


The Carthaginians rally and counter-attack, they destroy both Zenon’s light cavalry and the damaged Medium Infantry unit. [C:3 S:1]

Bastet’s soldiers rally and defeat a Syracusan infantry unit

But Zenon’s reply is devastating: his elite Infanty, flanked by two Medium Infantry units. attacks Bastet frontally. An Auxilia unit is swiped away. Zenon’s veteran destroy Bastet’s Heavy Infantry [four “square” results], she herself is unable to escape [“helmet”]. The infantry unit to the left of Zenon are also effective and destroy an already damaged Carthaginian Medium Infantry unit. Four banners conquered by Zenon in a single turn: 3 units + 1 leader [C:3 S:5]

Zenon’s attack. The Syracusan infantry on the left will also destroy its opponent.

The Carthaginian cavalry tries a desperate attack to avenge their leader: they outflank the Syracusans and attack Zenon from behind! His Heavy Infantry barely survives, but they immediately battle back conquering the sixth banner. [C:3 S:6]

The desperate attack by an isolated Carthaginian Cavalry unit

Final score: Carthaginian:3 banners, Syracusan:9 banners

The Campaign score is in perfect balance:
Carthaginian – Victories:1 Banners:9
Syracusan – Victories:1 Banners:9


RPG interlude.

Was Bastet captured by the Syracusan? YES

Zenon offers Lilith to free Bastet, if their army leaves the island. But Lilith seems much more concerned with her honour than with her daughter’s life and promptly refuses.

For the next battle:
A. Lilith finds a replacement for Bastet’s leadership (both armies have two leaders)
B. Neos refuses to fight (both armies have one leader)

B: Neos feels that it would not be fair if he continued to fight, now that Bastet has been captured. He will let Zenon and Lilith set the issue.

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