Pyros Island – CCA Solo Campaign – setup

[NB: this is a gaming campaign. Do NOT expect historical accuracy]

I recently discovered that the huge army lists from De Bellis Antiquitatis have been converted for the Commands and Colors Ancients boardgame. I do not have CCA, but I own another game using the same system: Memoir 44. Since the publisher of CCA (GMT games) makes the rules available for free download, I thought of creating a few paper minis, reconstruct the command deck on the basis of the description in the rules and use the Memoir board and tiles.

I will play a simplified DBA-style campaign set on an island, where each side initially controls three locations. The first side that wins three battles will be the winner of the campaign. I hope this simple set-up will allow me to master the rules and maybe try something more complex in the future.

Inspired by Sicily before the first Punic war, I decided to use these two armies from Scenario X:

29. Syracusan East Sicily 410-210BC
1xMC or HI (G), 1xLC, 1xHI, 5xMI, 1xMI or War, 1xAux or MC, 1xAux or WM, 1xLI
[I chose Medium Infantry instead of the Warriors]

39. Later Carthaginian 275-146BC
1xMC (G), 1xLC, 1xHI, 2xMI, 1xAux, 3xWar or LI or Aux, 1xEl or MC, 1xEl or LC, 1xLI
[I chose to have 4 Auxilia and no Elephants]

RPG/Story elements will be simply managed Bivius-style, mostly with a Binary-Random-Oracle. I will also use the free subset of the Game Master’s Apprentice (GMA) Deck for inspiration.

From the story-telling point of view, with respect to Memoir 44, CCA has the huge advantage of representing individual leaders. I will use two leaders per side, so I will have four main characters.

Who is the attacker? ODD:Carthaginian EVEN:Syracusan

Two of the four leaders will be women. Carthaginian or Syracusan?
Two Carthaginian women will fight against two Syracusan men.

I painted and named these four leaders:

Left to right: Lilith, Bastet, Neos, Zenon

Zenon is the ruler of the Pyros Island.

Is Neos Zenon’s son? NO
Neos is the son of the tyrant of Syracuse. He also is Zenon’s lover.

Is Lilith the Carthaginian leader? YES
Is Bastet her sister? NO

Lilith is Bastet’s mother.

Why are Lilith and Bastet attacking Pyros? GMA: interrupt active purity
I interpret purity as referencing to virginity: Lilith is thinking of Bastet’s marriage

Neos was engaged with Bastet, but he refused to marry her. As a punishment, Neos’ father exiled him to Pyros. Lilith wants Neos to marry her daughter or die.

The Carthaginian attack was a total  surprise: the invaders landed at Paralia, in the Southern part of Pyros and could easily occupy the fishing village of Notos and the fortified hill of Frourio. Zenon has gathered his army and will face the invaders in the Sika valley.


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