Mighty Monsters by Ganesha Games: demolition golems

For my second Mighty Monsters game, I set up a more complex scenario: two golems (entering from the left) will try to destroy as many as possible of the six coloured buildings. Two robots and 4 infantry stands will try to stop them. Both the golems and the robots have a stronger and a weaker unit. The stronger golem can flight and has a psychic ranged area-attack; the rock golem is slow and has no ranged attack. The advanced robot is armed with two lasers; the regular robot has a single laser.

Winged Golem (303 pts)
Head Q3 C2 AA2L; Body Q3 C3; Arms Q3 C3; Wings Q3 C2 Fly Long; Legs Q3 C2; Tail Q3 C3

Rock Golem (175 pts)
Head Q3 C2; Body Q3 C3 Charge; Arms Q3 C4; Legs Q3 C2 Slow


Advanced Robot (230 pts)
Head Q3 C2 Laser C2M; Body Q3 C4; Arms Q3 C3 Laser C3L; Legs Q3 C2

Regular Robot (175 pts)
Head Q3 C2 Laser C2M; Body Q3 C2; Arms Q3 C3; Legs Q3 C2

Infantry (12 pts x 4) Q3 C1


The two golems, entering from the right side of the board, move towards the closest buildings. The Advanced Robot is fast at taking a good shot at the Winged Golem and inflicts the first hits. The Winged Golem ignores the wounds and destroys Building #2; at the same time, the slow rock golem brings down Building #1.

First two buildings destroyed

The Winged Golem flies on the opposite side of the board, taking cover behind Building #3. The Advanced Robot rushes in pursuit. While the Regular Robot hesitates at the centre of the board, the Rock Golem slowly moves towards Building #4.


The Winged Golem easily destroys Building #3. He then throws a devastating psychic attack towards the Advanced Robot and the Army Men: 3 of the four Infantry units are killed. Then he flies to Building #5. The Rock Golem charges Building #4 and brings it down too!

Only the two buildings on the left still stand

The Winged Golem destroys Building #5. Then it flies back to the right side of the board and engages in a ranged fight against the Advanced Robot. The other robot tries to defend Building #6, the next target of the Rock Golem. But the golem charges and Knocks Back the Robot against the Building that collapses: the robot takes considerable damage too.

The Rock Golem slams a robot into the last building

With all the buildings destroyed, this was a clear victory for the golems. I played some more rounds. The Rock Golem killed the last Infantry unit, but all the main figures kept fighting, even if some were starting to accumulate red dice.


Now that I begin using different attacks (Slam, in particular) things are more fun. Also, having specific objectives (the buildings in this case) always makes games more interesting. It is clear that a game as large as this (about 500 points per side) is going to take a couple of hours. For my next games, I will try to stay closer to 400 points, and I will make buildings C3 (instead of C2) so that it is less easy to destroy them. I am looking forward to receive the Adventure Crafter by Tana Pigeon, so that I can add some role-playing and link the fights into a story.

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