Cybela and the Iron Talisman 6: Ambush in Stonetower

A solo campaign with plastic toys based on the Ironsworn RPG and the OnePageRules Grimdark Future Firefight skirmishing rules.
See setup here.

Previous events: The Duchy of Elfbrook has been attacked by the Duchy of Boarwood. Duchess Cybela of Elfbrook is the best remotely-controlled-mecha-pilot around: she swears a vow to rescue her friend Tahuta, who has snatched the Iron Talisman from the hands of the invaders but is now trapped in Stonetower, in Boarwood-occupied territory. The town of Abon is freed, but Cybela’s power mecha is destroyed in battle. Etana, the chief engineer at the Mechanization Ministry, assigns her a much less powerful machine. Nevertheless, Cybela plays a vital role in re-conquering Axeford. The war council decides that an adept of the cult, Count Fanir, will fight side by side with Cybela as a second mecha-pilot.



  • Duke Themon of Elfbrook – Cybela’s father
  • Archmage Brynn, uncle of Cybela and leader of the Cult. A powerful and ambiguous man.
  • Tahuta – an agent in Elfbrook special forces and Cybela’s best friend.
  • Etana – chief engineer at the Mechanization Ministry. She favours AI robots over human-controlled mecha.
  • Count Fanir – Cybela’s rival as the best mecha-pilot in Elfbrook and a fervent adept of the Cult.

This battle is based  on One Hour Wargames, a book by Neil Thomas (Scenario:22 Ambush). The Elfbrook (green) army has advanced further and currently they are fighting in Stonetower. Seven Elfbrook units (Cybela’s and Fanir’s mecha, a sergeant, two veterans, a missile-launcher armed soldier and a sniper) are advancing towards a small building occupied by a Boarwood unit (the blue infantry squad on the roof). They are ambushed by four more blue units that appear behind the vehicles on the right (one more infantry squad, two veterans, a red golem). In order to win, the blue army must completely destroy the green army. Since the green are surprised, they will be unable to activate during Turn 1. The only green unit which is not in the open is the sniper who, having the “scout” ability was deployed on the military vehicle on the right side of the board.


Turn 1: Only the Boarwood units activate. The infantry squad charges and kills the sniper and takes cover behind and upon the military vehicle. The slow red golem rushes forward. All the other units shoot but (surprisingly) the green take no wound.


Turn 2: Fanir shoots at the golem and misses. Cybela kills one of the infantry men upon the building. The green and blue veterans exchange shots and both sides lose a man. The Elfbrook missile-launcher targets the infantry unit on the military vehicle and hits (a 6 was needed, since they were in cover): the blast kills all the blue men.

Turn 3: The Elfbrook missile launcher now targets the Boarwood infantry upon the building, but misses. The two mecha do the same and they miss too. The green sergeant charges and kills the last blue veteran. The surviving green veteran charges the golem, with no effect.

An Elfbrook veteran charging the golem: it will not go well….

Turn 4: the golem kills the green veteran: it is then charged and killed in its turn by the green sergeant. The Elfbrook missile launcher has a second incredible shot and blasts-off the last two blue men upon the building.


Another clear victory for Cybela &C. I mark 3 progress on the Troublesome vow of recovering the Iron Talisman and Tahuta. Progress in now 8. Time to see how it ends:

Fulfill Your Vow: Challenge:2,6 vs Progress:8 a Strong Hit!
When the Elfbrook soldiers enter the building, they find Tahuta hiding inside. She is badly wounded, but she still has the Iron Talisman with her. Mission accomplished!
Neither Cybela nor Fanir have done anything particularly good or bad during this battle. The hero of the day is the guy with the missile launcher. I will also mark some progress on Cybela’s Extreme background vow of limiting the power of the cult: at least the cult’s adept Fanir has been unable to prove himself a better mecha-pilot than she is.

The Boarwood invasion has ended

Cybela’s current situation:

Stats: Edge:2 Heart:1 Iron:2 Shadow:1 Wits:3
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:1 Momentum:1
Vow: retrieve the Iron Talisman (Troublesome) – Fulfilled
Background Vow: limit the power of the Cult (Extreme) Progress:0.5


One thought on “Cybela and the Iron Talisman 6: Ambush in Stonetower

  1. I really enjoyed the whole Cybela’s series, you write in a succinct and straight to the point style, mixing battle scenes with roleplaying.
    It was great how you blended Ironsworn with the skirmish rules and am going to apply it to my own solo and party games. Thanks!

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