Cybela and the Iron Talisman 4: Infiltration in Axeford

A solo campaign with plastic toys based on the Ironsworn RPG and the OnePageRules Grimdark Future Firefight skirmishing rules.
See setup here.

Previous events: The Duchy of Elfbrook has been attacked by the Duchy of Boarwood. Duchesss Cybela of Elfbrook is the best remotely-controlled-mecha-pilot around: she swears a vow to rescue her friend Tahuta, who has snatched the Iron Talisman from the hands of the invaders but is now trapped in the Boarwood-occupied territory. Cybela’s Mecha is destroyed in a first attempt to reconquer the town of Abon, but the second attack is a success. Etana, the chief engineer at the Mechanization Ministry, points out that resources are scarce and it could be impossible to replace Cybela’s Mecha, if it were destroyed. During a failed attempt to reconquer Axeford, Cybela’s bot is again destroyed and she is assigned a much less powerful machine.


  • Duke Themon of Elfbrook – Cybela’s father
  • Archmage Brynn, uncle of Cybela and leader of the Cult. A powerful and ambiguous man.
  • Tahuta – an agent in Elfbrook special forces and Cybela’s best friend.
  • Etana – chief engineer at the Mechanization Ministry. She favours AI robots over human-controlled mecha.


This battle is based  on One Hour Wargames, a book by Neil Thomas (Scenario:25 Infiltration). The battle in Axeford is raging again. A Boarwood (blue) squad has successfully infiltrated behind the Elfbrook (green) lines. After hitting their objective, they are retreating and must cross the board from the left to the right edge (I randomly rolled both who will be the infiltrating army and which side of the board they will enter). Boardwood’s squad is composed of four units (two missile-launcher-armed soldiers, an Infantry Squad and the red golem): in order to win, two units must exit the right side of the board. Elfbrook initially only has a Sergeant (randomly rolled) and Cybela’s new not-so-powerful bot (Q:3+, D:3+, Ranged:A1, CCW:A1, slow), but they will receive a new unit for each of the first four turns. The game will last up to 6 turns.


Turn 1: a green Infantry Squad enters from the South edge of the board. The blue army advances, without any intention to engage in a fight. Cybela and the Sergeant shoot and miss.


Turn 2: two green veterans enter from the North (not visible in the picture). The blue army splits: one of the missile-launcher men and the Infantry squad rush forward, while the other missile-launcher and the golem sacrifice themselves in the attempt to cover the retreat of their companions. None of the Elfbrook shots hits their target.


Turn 3: a green sniper appears on the truck on the right. The Elfbrook veterans kill one of the missile-launcher-men. The Golem charges the Sergeant. The two opposed Infantry Squads exchange shots and one of the blue men goes down.


Turn 4: an Elfbrook soldier with a missile launcher arrives from the South side and kills the two remaining blue Infantry soldiers. The last surviving Boarwood man is taken down by the sniper. Cybela stuns the golem.


This is a strong victory for Elfbrook! Cybela takes +2 Momentum. I also mark 3 Progress on her vow to retrieve the Iron Talisman. This corresponds to 3 freed squares on the map of the area: after reconquering Axeford, the green army finds its way open to advance along the coast: Stormbay is soon freed. Then a joined attack from the North and the South-East forces the blue army to also retreat from Elkfield and Redhill: Stonetower, where Tahuta and the Talisman are supposed to be, is now in sight!


Cybela’s current situation:

Stats: Edge:2 Heart:1 Iron:2 Shadow:1 Wits:3
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:1 Momentum:2
Vow: retrieve the Iron Talisman (Troublesome) Progress:5
Background Vow: limit the power of the Cult (Extreme) Progress:0

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