Cybela and the Iron Talisman 3: Battle in Axeford

A solo campaign with plastic toys based on the Ironsworn RPG and the OnePageRules Grimdark Future Firefight skirmishing rules.
See setup here.

Previous events: The Duchy of Elfbrook has been attacked by the Duchy of Boarwood. Duchesss Cybela of Elfbrook is the best remotely-controlled-mecha-pilot around: she swears a vow to rescue her friend Tahuta, who has snatched the Iron Talisman from the hands of the invaders but is now trapped in the Boarwood-occupied territory. Cybela’s Mecha is destroyed in a first attempt to reconquer the town of Abon, but the second attack is a success. Etana, the chief engineer at the Mechanization Ministry, points out that resources are scarce and it could be impossible to replace Cybela’s Mecha, if it were destroyed.


  • Duke Themon of Elfbrook – Cybela’s father
  • Archmage Brynn, uncle of Cybela and leader of the Cult. A powerful and ambiguous man.
  • Tahuta – an agent in Elfbrook special forces and Cybela’s best friend.
  • Etana – chief engineer at the Mechanization Ministry. She favours AI robots over human-controlled mecha.



This scenario is based  on One Hour Wargames, a book by Neil Thomas (Scenario:5 Bridgehead). An Elfbrook infantry squad has taken control of an important objective: the yellow building at the centre of the the board. Each turn, both sides have a chance of reinforcements arriving: Elfbrook (green) forces will enter from point D, Boarwood (blue) forces will randomly arrive from A, B or C. The game will be 6 turns long, with the goal of being the only force having units within 12″ of the objective.
At turn 0, I randomly deployed at C a blue infantry squad.


Turn 1 and 2: no reinforcements rolled. The two infantry squads exchange shots and each side loses a man. The blue advance to take cover behind the vehicles and the green take cover behind the yellow building.


Turn 3: Cybela’s mecha enters from point D. The blue have a second infantry squad from A.
Turn 4: The green receive a sniper which, being a “Scout”, can be directly deployed at the top of the target building. The blue deploy at C a weapon-team armed with a missile launcher. Cybela’s Tough Mecha takes a first wound from the blue infantry squad. The green infantry near the target is now attacked on two sides by blue infantry.

Turn 5: two blue veterans enter at B; no reinforcements for Elfbrook. The green infantry loses a second man. The Mecha kills one of the blue men behind the vehicle, but it is hit by the missile launcher (second wound).

Turn 6: the blue infantry on the left charges the last Elfbrook soldier near the building: they are successful. The sniper at the top of the building is the only surviving Elfbrook soldier. A missile damages one of the legs of the Mecha, which is now immobilized. The mecha still manages to stun the man with the missile launcher; it also resists the charge of the blue infantry-man.


No clear victory for any of the two sides. Boarwood seems in better shape, with more surviving units.
Should I consider this a Boarwood victory (a “Miss” for Cybela)? [Likely] Oracle: YES
Elfbrook is unable to take control of Axeford and they are forced to retreat.

Diagonal lines: Boarwood occupation

Can Cybela’s Mecha be retrieved and repaired? [Unlikely] Oracle:NO
Pay the price: -1 supply (now 1). Etana informs Cybela that the Mechanization Ministry is unable to replace her mecha with a similar model. She will have to use an inferior machine.


Cybela’s current situation:

Stats: Edge:2 Heart:1 Iron:2 Shadow:1 Wits:3
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:1 Momentum:0
Vow: retrieve the Iron Talisman (Troublesome) Progress:2
Background Vow: limit the power of the Cult (Extreme) Progress:0

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