Cybela and the Iron Talisman 2: Assaulting a plasma cannon

A solo campaign with plastic toys based on the Ironsworn RPG and the OnePageRules Grimdark Future Firefight skirmishing rules.
See setup here.

Previous events: The Duchy of Elfbrook has been attacked by the Duchy of Boarwood. Duchesss Cybela of Elfbrook is the best remotely-controlled-mecha-pilot around: she swears a vow to help defeat the invaders and rescue her friend Tahuta, who has snatched the Iron Talisman from the hands of the enemy but is now trapped in the Boarwood-occupied territory. Cybela’s Mecha is destroyed in a fist attempt to reconquer the town of Abon.


  • Duke Themon of Elfbrook – Cybela’s father
  • Archmage Brynn, uncle of Cybela and leader of the Cult. A powerful and ambiguous man.
  • Tahuta – an agent in Elfbrook special forces and Cybela’s best friend.


A second attack to Abon sees Cybela’s Mecha trying to neutralize a large plasma gun that the Boarwood army has strategically placed at the top of a building. The Boarwood (blue) side includes a weapon team, a veteran, an infantry squad and the plasma cannon (Q:3+ D:3+ Ap1, Tough3). The Mecha is supported by three veterans and two infantry squads. Being on higher ground, the blue units count as being in cover. I compensated this advantage by assigning more points to the green army (145 vs 95).
The green squad enters from the right.

Turn 1: Cybela, after the recent incident, aims at the blue soldier with the missile launcher and puts it out of combat. One of the green veterans is put out of combat and another is stunned.

Turn 2 and 3: The crew of the plasma cannon takes two hits: they will now have to roll on the wound table. One of the two Elfbrook infantry squads moves forward in the open towards the stairs: two of the three men are killed.

Turn 4: The surviving infantry man climbs the stairs and charges the only surviving member of the cannon’s crew, but he is stunned and then killed by the blue veteran. The green also loose a veteran hit by the blue infantry squad. The mecha is hit at a leg, it is now immobilized (both its Quality and Defence are degraded by one step).


I decided to give Cybela a chance and run a fifth Turn. First, I rolled for morale, since 3 of the 6 green units are out of combat. The surviving infantry squad fails the roll and leaves the field. The Mecha keeps shooting at the cannon but fails. Luckily, the veteran does not miss and puts the cannot out of combat. A very marginal victory (I consider this a “Weak Hit” Battle outcome).


I mark two progress on the progress map: Abon and Newbridge have been conquered. But Cybela must pay the price. I subtract another supply point (now 2). I also introduce a new problematic NPC.

[Oracle] Male of female (50/50): Female
Hint: Debate Opinion

Etana is the chief engineer of the Department of War. She is convinced that human-controlled mecha are not efficient. It would be less costly to replace them with AI machines. This time it was possible to fix the leg of Cybela’s Mecha, but when it is destroyed it might be impossible to replace it.


Cybela’s current situation:

Stats: Edge:2 Heart:1 Iron:2 Shadow:1 Wits:3
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:2 Momentum:0
Vow: retrieve the Iron Talisman (Troublesome) Progress:2
Background Vow: limit the power of the Cult (Extreme) Progress:0


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