Cybela and the Iron Talisman – 1 Abon Setback

A solo campaign with plastic toys based on the Ironsworn RPG and the OnePageRules Grimdark Future Firefight skirmishing rules.
See setup here.

Previous events: The Duchy of Elfbrook has been attacked by the Duchy of Boarwood. Duchesss Cybela of Elfbrook is the best remotely-controlled-mecha-pilot around: she swears a vow to help defeat the invaders and rescue her friend Tahuta, who has snatched the Iron Talisman from the hands of the enemy but is now trapped in the Boarwood-occupied territory.


  • Duke Themon of Elfbrook – Cybela’s father
  • Archmage Brynn, uncle of Cybela and leader of the Cult. A powerful and ambiguous man.
  • Tahuta – an agent in Elfbrook special forces and Cybela’s best friend.

[I will use this map to track progress on Cybela’s vow. Progress will correspond to the liberation of occupied territory (marked by the diagonal lines)]

Diagonal lines: Boarwood occupation

Cybela’s Mecha supports two infantry squads and two veterans (running men) in an action at the outskirts of Abon. Both armies want to seize both the gray car in the foreground and the oval white structure in the background. The Boarwood (blue) platoon includes a red giant, four veterans, a sniper (deployed on the oval structure) and a Weapon-team with a missile launcher.


Turn 1: the missile-launcher targets the Mecha and hits! Since it is blast(3), it causes three hits and one of the puts the mecha out-of-combat. Two of the Boarwood veterans move towards the left side of the area and two to the right.


Turn 2: The giant is hit and stunned. The veterans on the right are eliminated by one of the green infantry squads.  The other two engage in combat with the two green veterans, who then move towards the oval structure.


Turn 3: the missile-launcher is effective again and completely destroys one of the green infantry squads. The sniper puts one of the Elfbrook veterans out-of-combat. The blue veterans advance undisturbed.

Turn 4: since the green army has lost more than half of its units, I check morale and the infantry squad decides to retreat. The only remaining green veteran has no option but to retreat as well.

A clean blue victory.
Cybela must Pay the Price. I will add some complication. Oracle: “reveal tool”.
Boarwood has carefully prepared their invasion: all squads will include a missile-launcher unit. I will also decrease supplies by 2: building new Mechas is expensive…

Current situation:

Stats: Edge:2 Heart:1 Iron:2 Shadow:1 Wits:3
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:3 Momentum:0
Vow: retrieve the Iron Talisman (Troublesome) Progress:0
Background Vow: limit the power of the Cult (Extreme) Progress:0

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