Opokt Campaign 7/9: the Opokt island

A solo campaign based on OPR Grimdark Future Firefight  and Nine Steps and a Bloody Heart (NSAABH). Campaign set-up details here.

Background and previous events: 1988 – hypergates appear in different places of the Earth. The gates lead to what apparently is a different version of our planet in which elements of the present world mix with elements from the remote past and from what possibly is a remote future. From the hyperplanet, invading armies, dinosaurs and giant golems attack our world. The governments of the Earth send SWAT squads through the gates: their task is to explore the hostile planet on the other side and hopefully find a way to shut the hypergates and stop the invasion.
Sgt.Ephraim and his comrades  must shut-down an unstable wormhole which has been reported in the Opokt area. The wormhole is under the control of Damocles Garth, a renegade marine who has joined the collaborationists. The earthlings have been informed by an anonymous source in Damocles’ army: who is this person?
I use the NSAABH card deck to answer these three questions:
(Clubs) Where exactly is the wormhole?
(Diamonds) How can it be shut-down?
(Spades) Who is the anonymous informant?
(1) Five of spades – the anonymous informant is not a robot.
Ephraim’s squad recovers a memory deck whose position had been revealed by the informant. He sent the earthlings a handwritten note: so he/she is not a robot. Ephraim fails a 50-50 roll to discover a second card.
(2) Two of spades – the informant isn’t Damocles’ sidekick Tia. Ephraim’s squad is confronted by a group of gaters lead by Tia: clearly, she is loyal to the collaborationists.
(3) Ace of diamonds – the wormhole cannot be shut-down by explosives. Our heroes are defeated in an attempt to break through the defence of the gaters. They receive new from their HQ that the wormhole is supposed to be resistant to explosives.
(4) Ace of Clubs: the wormhole is not in the dungeons below Opokt. The team explores the dungeons and find nothing bug bugs and collaborationists. They win the fight, and, by questioning a prisoner, Ephraim also discovers that
(4b) 4 of Spades: the mysterious informant is not a civilian, but someone in the blue army.
(5) 2 of Diamonds: the earth HQ dig more valuable intelligence out of the memory deck: the wormhole cannot be shut-down by a technological interface.
(6) Ace of Spades. The informant is not Damocles. Only one spades card is left. The informant is a blue soldier: Ephraim’s team recovers him.


New card: 4 of clubs – the wormhole is not on an island on the Opokt river.

The informant tells the earthlings that the wormhole might be on an island on the Opokt river. Ephraim’s team go and check the place: they don’t find the wormhole, but there could be something of interest to retrieve. I set up the encounter as a treasure hunt: the six blue markers correspond to potential locations for the

Blue opposition:
a Veteran
an infantry squad
two snipers
a mutant rhinoceros

The two snipers are “scouts” and they are directly deployed near two of the points of interest.

Turn 1: the blue sniper on the lower-left immediately finds and grabs the objective! All the other units advance towards the center of the island.

Turn 2: the blue sniper with the target object begins retreating towards his exit. The two infantry squads exchange shots and one of the green man goes down. Calaf charges the blue Veteran.


Turn 3: Ephraim shoots at the retreating sniper but misses; then he is cornered by the blue infantry. Calaf and the veteran are still engaged in melee. The rhino charges the green infantry. Pierre tries to get a clean shot to the retreating sniper.

Turn 4: Pierre manages to take down the sniper! The target is available, but no green figure is close enough to try and pick it up. Ephraim is put out of combat by the green infantry. Finally, Pierre is stunned by the second sniper.

None of the two sides managed to recover the target; but the green suffered more losses than the blue.

Clubs: Where exactly is the wormhole?
1. — Underground: below Opokt town.
2. It is a portable device, carried around in a van.
3. In an abandoned factory.
4. On an island of the Opokt river.
5. In Damocles’ HQ.
Diamonds: How can it be shut-down?
1. — Blasting it with explosive.
2. By a technological interface.
3. Some kind of spell.
4. A physical key.
5. Killing Damocles.
Spades: Who is the anonymous informant?
1. Damocles.
2. — Damocles’ sidekick Tia.
3. A  collaborationist soldier.
4. — A civilian.
5. — A robot.

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