Weirdgate: Opokt campaing set-up

Having enjoyed my recent skirmish with OPR Grimdark Future Firefight, I decided to set up a more structured game. I will reuse my “classic” Weirdgate88 setting as well some heroes I am already familiar with: Ephraim, Pierre and Calaf.


As a first step, I resorted to the online Donjon sci-fi job generator:

An alien explorer named Kilri needs someone to investigate an unstable wormhole which has been detected in the Opokt Cluster.

Re-formulated for my setting:
Ephraim is charged to [1:investigate] an [2:unstable] [3:wormhole] which has been [4:detected] in the Opokt [5:area].

I randomly enhanced the scenario using the Aladdin technique (by John Fiore):

For inspiration, I have used the free subset of the Game Master’s Apprentice Deck (GMA).

Alter: 1 GMA:”halt” Ephraim must shut-down the wormhole

Add: 2 GMA:”bargain disruptive relative”. Name: Damocles Garth. The Opokt area is controlled by Damocles Garth, a renegade marine.

Intrigue: GMA: “amicable source”. The earthlings have been informed by an anonymous source in Damocles’ army. Who is this person?

Final scenario description:
Sgt.Ephraim is charged to shut-down an unstable wormhole which has been reported in the Opokt area. The wormhole is under the control of Damocles Garth, a renegade marine who has joined the collaborationists. The earthlings have been informed by an anonymous source in Damocles’ army: who is this person?

I thought I will give a try to Nine Steps and a Bloody Heart by Lino Pang aka Riccardo Fregi.

I like the idea of a limited number of scenes. I define 3 questions and 5 possible answers for each, assigning answers to playing cards. During game, I will discard some of the answers, with the goal of ending scene 9 with as clear a picture as possible.


(Clubs) Where exactly is the wormhole?
(Diamonds) How can it be shut-down?
(Spades) Who is the anonymous informant?


1. Underground: below Opokt town.
2. It is a portable device, carried around in a van.
3. In an abandoned factory.
4. On an island of the Opokt river.
5. In Damocles’ HQ.

1. Blasting it with explosive.
2. By a technological interface.
3. Some kind of spell.
4. A physical key.
5. Killing Damocles.

1. Damocles.
2. Damocles’ sidekick Tia.
3. A random collaborationist soldier.
4. A civilian.
5. A robot.

I will make up surprise events as I go, as prompted by the Ace of Hearts.


These are the two armies (Earthlings:Green and Gaters:Blue) statted according to Grimdark Future Firefight. For the blue team, I randomly roll a 90/150 army for each game (the Green army has a total of 120 pts).


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