A simple Firefight

After a while, I came back to OnePageRules: v2.0 of Grimdark Future Firefight has recently been released. I have played a simple game: only 90 points per side on an A3 “board”.

Green Army:
Weapons Team (Bazooka) 40 points
Veteran (Running man) 15 points
Infantry Squad (three riflemen) 35 points

Gray Army:
Soul Snatcher (Robot) 40 points
Storm Troopers (the two Running men) 25 points each

I randomly placed 3 objective markers and selected entry corners for the two sides.

Turn 1: The Robot immediately charges the Bazooka guy and inflicts a first wound.
All the others move towards the centre of the board.

Turn 2: The Bazooka guy pushes back the robot. The others exchange shots at no effect.

Turn 3: everybody runs for the objectives. The green side manages to secure two (the car and the room). A Storm Trooper enters the building and starts a fight for the control of the room. The Robot inflicts a second wound to the Bazooka guy.

Turn 4: The Robot finishes his adversary. The green Veteran resists the assault of the Storm Trooper.
The green side wins, controlling two of the three objectives.

I definitely love OnePageRules!

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