Goldsworn 3 – the Angry Boar

[An Ironsworn pirate adventure set in the fictional Islas Nuevas archipelago]

Previous Events: Captain’s Haf Moriensen ship, the Rebis, has just arrived to the Roca Larga island from Europe. While Haf and his quartermaster Ithela are in town, Haf’s younger sister Miranda and part of the crew disappear from the ship. The Captain swears a vow to find Miranda. The girl has been imprisoned by Sir Alban Kinry, the English governor of the island: he will free her  after the Rebis has secretly taken him to a nearby island and back.

Main character: Captain Haf Moriensen
Edge:+1 Heart:+1 Iron:+2 Shadows:+3 Wits:+2
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:5 Momentum:2

Path – WATERBORN Gather Information, Face Danger and Secure an Advantage at +1 when using water-related knowledge and skills.
Ritual – DIVINATION Gather Information by a blood-form of bibliomancy.
Custom – BATTLESHIP Mighty: Strike and Clash at +1 and to +1 harm in naval combat. Ship Health: 5

Miranda (Haf’s sister) [oracle: a young and kind bandit, i.e. pirate]
Ithela (quartermaster of the Rebis) – an African warrior fond of bone amulets [oracle: a Dangerous and Artistic Hunter]
Morien (Haf’s brother) a Danish occultist and merchant [oracle: Confident and Adventurous]

Other NPCs
Sir Alban Kinry – the jealous and stubborn English governor of Roca Larga

Background Vow: – Epic. Seize an Atlantean source of occult power that must be hidden somewhere in the Islas Nuevas. Progress: 0
Dangerous Vow: Find Miranda. Progress: 0

At midnight, Sir Alban Kinry boards the Rebis.
Is he escorted? [Likely] NO
He is disguised as a pirate, with two pistols and a fake moustache. He asks Captain Moriensen to be introduced to the crew as “Albert”.


At dawn, the Rebis leaves the port.
Is Kinry’s destination really a nearby island? [50/50] YES
They set sails towards Isla de la Fuente, about 200 miles North-West of Roca Larga.

Undertake a [Troublesome] Journey:

Challenge:5,8 Action:1+2(Wits)=3 MISS


In the early afternoon, a pirate ship flying English colours sails towards the Rebis (the purple ship). The Rebis steers to the West, to take advantage of the South-East wind and try to outrun the English ship, but they cannot avoid the fight: a [Dangerous] opponent.

Enter the Fray: Challenge:6,2 | Action:3+1(Heart)=4 WEAK HIT +2 Momentum (=5)
Now that they are closer, Moriensen is not impressed by the strength of the English ship: even if Sir Kinry does not seem happy with the trouble, this could be a good chance to make some money.


Face Danger: Challenge:1,5 | Action:3+2(Wits)+1(Waterborn)=6 STRONG HIT (+1 Momentum=6)
Captain Moriensen orders to lower half of the sails, so they will offer a smaller target. The English, feeling sure that they are now faster than the Rebis, change direction, coming to a momentary stop when taking their ship’s bow through the wind: the position seems perfect to rake the Rebis with a starboard broadside, but they miss their shot. The Danes feel even more confident that they can conquer the English ship.

Strike Miss

Strike: Challenge:6,10 | Action:1+1(Edge)+1(Mighty-Ship)=3 MISS
The Rebis turns Eastward: the Danes can rake the approaching English ship in their turn, but a gush of wind at the critical moment stops their cannonballs short.
Pay the Price: it’s stressful. (Spirit=3)
Endure Stress: Challenge:10,4 Action:5+3(Spirit)=8 Press on
The Captain feels he has given the order too soon: he should have waited for the opponent to be closer. The English are approaching swiftly and Haf has wasted the opportunity of making damage at long range.

Face Danger:
Challenge:7,4 | Action:1+1(Waterborn)+2(Iron)=4 MISS
[Action=1 all damage will be inflicted to the Rebis, -2 Health=3]
The English manage to align the two ships side be side and then fire the port-side guns: they hit the rigs and sails, the Rebis will be even slower now. Three sailors are killed.
Companion Endure Harm – Challenge:7,10 | Action:3+3(Ship’s Health)=6 MISS (-1 Momentum=5)

Captain Moriensen assesses the damages: the hull has not been hit and the crew has already reloaded the starboard-side guns, but now also the English have had the time to do so. The two ships fire at the same moment.


Clash: Challenge:5,5[a match] | Action:6+1(Mighty-Ship)+1(Edge)=8 STRONG HIT
I will count the match as an extra Damage point; Progress from 0 to 10 with a single broadside!
End the Fight: Challenge:5,3 vs 10 STRONG HIT

The English ship either A.Explodes or Immobilized [50/50]: B
The main-mast of the Angry Boar has fallen, badly damaging the fore-mast and killing several pirates. The Rebis can easily manoeuvre to the front of the English ship, threatening it with its guns. The English Captain (Brian Reese) and his crew are glad to yield their ship and all their belongings in exchange of their lives: after helping fix the fore-mast of their ship and being searched one by one for valuable objects, the surviving Englishmen leave on board of two small boats.

Ithela takes command of the Angry Boar, together with half the crew of the Rebis, and the two ships continue their journey, with great satisfaction of Sir Kinry.
Undertake a [Troublesome] Journey: Challenge:5,3 Action:2+2(Wits)=4 WEAK HIT (Progress=3)
At dusk, they reach a desert islet only ten miles South of the French-ruled Placeforte island. They find the Angry Board totally lacking in provisions: the celebration for their victory is at the expenses of their supplies (-1=4).

Current situation:
Health:5 Spirit:3 Supply:4 Momentum:5
“Health” of the Rebis: 3
Epic Background Vow: (source of occult power) Progress:0
Dangerous Vow (free Miranda) Progress:2
Journey to Isla de la Fuente, Progress:3

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