Goldsworn 2 – Sir Kinry’s trick

[An Ironsworn pirate adventure set in the fictional Islas Nuevas archipelago]

Previous Events: Captain’s Haf Moriensen ship, the Rebis, has just arrived to the Roca Larga island from Europe. While Haf and his quartermaster Ithela are in town, Haf’s young sister Miranda and part of the crew disappear from the ship.

Main character: Captain Haf Moriensen
Edge:+1 Heart:+1 Iron:+2 Shadows:+3 Wits:+2
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:5 Momentum:2

Path – WATERBORN Gather Information, Face Danger and Secure an Advantage at +1 when using water-related knowledge and skills.
Ritual – DIVINATION Gather Information by a blood-form of bibliomancy.
Custom – BATTLESHIP Mighty: Strike and Clash at +1 and to +1 harm in naval combat.

Miranda (Haf’s sister) [oracle: a young and kind bandit, i.e. pirate]
Ithela (quartermaster of the Rebis) – an African warrior fond of bone amulets [oracle: a Dangerous and Artistic Hunter]
Morien (Haf’s brother) a Danish occultist and merchant [oracle: Confident and Adventurous]

Background Vow: – Epic. Seize an Atlantean source of occult power that must be hidden somewhere in the Islas Nuevas.

On the deck of the Rebis, in front of the whole crew, Haf vows to find his sister: he solemnly swears on a golden sun-shaped medallion.

[This will be a Dangerous quest]
Swear an Iron Vow: Challenge:8,6 Action:5+1(Heart)+1(bond)=7
Weak hit: +1 Momentum.

Haf his determined, but he has no hint of what to do. He and Ithela are preparing to use blood-divination to find out more, when a guard summons the Captain to the palace of Sir Alban Kinry, the English governor of Roca Larga.

Kinry is a [oracle: jealous and stubborn] man. He tells Haf he has his sister and sailors. The men will be immediately returned but, before freeing Miranda, he has a small favour to ask.
[goal oracle: Travel to a place]
He must go to a nearby island, only a couple of days away [a Troublesome journey], and must do so in total secrecy. A newly arrived Danish ship that nobody knows is perfect and the Rebis seems swift and well-armed. They will leave the next day. Kinry will only stay at his destination for one day: they will be back in less than one week. Haf can only agree to this “proposal” (I mark 2 progress on the new vow) and the governor can be a useful ally for the future. Haf’s men are immediately freed and they confirm that they and Miranda have been treated well.

Current situation:
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:5 Momentum:3
Epic Background Vow: (source of occult power) Progress:0
Dangerous Vow (free Miranda) Progress:2

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