Goldsworn 1 – Captain Moriensen

After a long break in my solo games, I have thought to start something new using Ironsworn. I want to play a pirate-alchemist, something midway between Francis Drake and Prospero from the Tempest. I also want to use George Wither’s 1634 Emblem book as an oracle.

With this idea in mind, I followed the semi-random Character creation procedure that Shawn Tomkin, the creator of Ironsworn, described here.


I extracted 5 random Assets from both Book 1 and Book 2:
Ritual: Divination
Path: Veteran
Path: Slayer
Path: Waterborn
Companion: Hawk

For my pirate, I chose (1) Divination and (obviously) (2) Waterborn. Divination also fits well with my plans: I will use the Emblem book as a form of in-game bibliomancy.
While reading the description for the Hawk Companion, I noticed that the nearby Horse companion can easily be re-skinned as a (3) Battleship asset:

Battleship Name: Rebis
Your battleship is your home and your sailing fortress:
[ ] Swift: When you Face Danger +edge using your ship’s speed, or when you Undertake a Journey, add +1.
[ ] Well armed: When you Enter the Fray or Secure an Advantage +heart by attacking or boarding another ship, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.
[X] Mighty: When you Strike or Clash with another ship, add +1 and inflict +1 harm on a hit.

I than rolled a 50-50 die for the sex of the Character: male.
His nationality, I wrote a simple D6 table
1.Spanish 2.English 3.French 4.Dutch 5.Portuguese 6.other
I rolled a 6 so I added 6 more:
1.Italian 2.German 3.Danish 4.Sweden 5.Polish 6.African
3: Danish

I could then use the Ironlander oracle for my hero: Captain Haf Moriensen

Age: 22+d20=31


I rolled for the +3 stat: Shadow

And assigned the others:

Edge:+1  Heart:+1  Iron:+2  Shadow:+3  Wits:+2


I used the goal oracle: Seize Power
Given that my hero is some kind of alchemist, I asked if the power he is after is mundane or occult (50/50): occult.

The Rebis has sailed from Europe to the Islas Nuevas archipelago. Haf is sure that these islands at the other side of the world must be the remains of Atlantis. In one of these islands, an immense source of power is hidden: the first initiate that will find it will be the most powerful man in the world.

Background Vow (epic): find the Atlantean source of occult power


1) NPC role and qualities: a Dangerous and Artistic Hunter
Ithela is the quartermaster of the Rebis. Originally an African warrior, she was captured by slavers, together with several of her companions. Haf’s father freed them during one of his journeys along the shores of Africa. Now, Ithela’s companions form about half of the crew of the Rebis. Ithela carves disturbing objects out of the bones of the animals and people she kills.

2) NPC role and qualities: a Kind and Young Bandit Pirate
Miranda is Haf’s sister. She is 17 and this is her first long journey.

3) I decide that the journey of the Rebis was financed and organized by the father of Haf and Miranda: Morien Davidsen. A mystic (I decide). Qualities: Confident and Adventurous. He is now too old to take part in this expedition, but he hopes to stay in touch with Haf by magical means.

Oracle: Someone is captured
Is it Miranda? (likely) YES

After the long journey from Danmark, the Rebis has arrived at the island of Roca Larga. Haf, Ithela and most of the crew disembark. Haf wants Miranda to stay on board, under the protection of about ten trusted sailors, until it is clear that the town is safe. But when Haf returns to the Rebis, Miranda’s cabin is empty.
Is any sailor missing? (50/50) YES
Are all ten missing? (unlikely) YES

….to be continued

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