Chasing Superlizard

I have played a new game with a modified version of the Simple Super Hero rules by Jones and Moore.
Some of the things I have changed:

  • attacks are a single opposed roll Damage vs Block – if the attack is not blocked, the target loses 1 HP
  • I have drastically reduced the number of HP (3 for Super Heroes, 1 for Humans)
    ranged attacks are a distinct ability (by default, they are not possible for a Super Hero)
  • the number of actions per round is fixed (2 for Super Heroes, 1 for Humans)
  • when I roll doubles, I treat them as “critical success” granting some bonus, but not as extreme as adding the two values in the original rules

The game was fun, but I will have to run a more combat-oriented scenario.

  Puck Snowbird Northstar Superlizard
Body Strong Agile Agile Strong
Nature Mutant Mutant Tech Mutant
Movement Low+1 High High Low+1
Melee Att. High+1 Low Low High
Tech Block Low Low High Low
Mutant Block Low+1 Low+1 Low High
Ranged Att. Low+1 Low

In this case, the two teams had to retrieve a target hidden in one of five locations (the pink cubes). Superlizard was accompanied by 2 squads of four humans each.
Puck, Northstar and Snowbird formed the other team.


Northstar and Snowbird easily reach two of the possible targets (they are both fast). Puck lags behind. Superlizard rolls a great double five on movement, so he is able to move 5+1(his bonus)+2(critical bonus)=8 twice in a single round: he also reaches a possible target cube.


Superlizard is the lucky one: he finds the target! The other team moves forward to intercept him before he leaves the board.


In the following chase, Puck is too slow to have a chance. Northstar and Snowbird have to fight Superlizard’s human minions and they are both wounded. One of the humans rolls a critical attack (Snowbird’s Tech Block is LOW: it’s 4 vs 1) and inflicts a 2 HP wound. Anyway, Superlizard is fast enough to reach the border before the others reach him.


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