Amara of Whitebridge 11 – A trollish setback

Amara is travelling South with Delos, the Broken Kodra and her Makari prisoner Alith. The party has a disastrous encounter with three nasty trolls.

[An Ironsworn adventure in the Ironlands. I play skirmishes with the Song of Blades and Heroes rule-set by Ganesha Games. Larger battles are played with the Ancient One Hour Wargames rules by Neil Thomas]

Previous events: Amara of Whitebridge, her cousin Quinn and the crossbowman Delos attack a group of Broken near the village. Amara is defeated. The overseer Lestara harshly critiques Amara’s initiative, which ended in favouring Lestara’s rival Zura. The heroes leave Whitebridge and reach Stoneford, where they meet the healer’s son Kaivan. Stoneford is occupied by the Makari, a mysterious invading army. The party joins a successful counter attack against the Makari: the leader is the friendly Lago of Redhall – it’s love at first sight with Amara. The heroes return to Whitebridge and free Lestara from the Makari. Lago and Quinn fall in the fight. Amara reaches Redhall where the overseer Maya, mother of Lago and Lona, asks her to travel south in search of the twin sorceresses Varena and Purena: they are authorities among the Broken and their help is necessary to re-conquer Whitebridge. Two Whitebridge warriors who were travelling with Amara and Delos are killed by monsters. Amara and Delos help a Broken girl, Kodra, who is leading the Makari prisoner Alith to her community: Kodra and Amara forge a bond and Kodra accepts to travel with Amara and Delos.

Main character: Amara
Edge:+1 Heart:+3 Iron:+2 Shadow:+2 Wits:+1
Health:3 Spirit:4 Supply:2 Momentum:4

Place Whitebrige – a riverside village
NW Haven (near the center of the Ironlands)

Martial Focus – BRAWLER Secure an Advantage by engaging in close-quarters brawling.
Ritual – AUGUR Summon a murder of crows and ask a single question.
Path – HERBALIST Heal people using herbal remedies.

Deshi (Amara’s father) [oracle: stingy and manipulative forager]
Lestara (Whitebridge overseer) [oracle: generous and powerful healer]
Quinn (Amara’s cousin) strong and dumb warrior
Lago – an attractive and friendly warrior from Redhall
Maya – Redhall overseer
Kodra – a Broken girl

Other NPCs:
Zura – a warrior from Whitebridge who wants to replace Lestara as overseer
Kaivan – the son of the Stoneford healer
Lona – Lago’s sister, another Redhall prominent warrior
Varena and Purena – twin sorceresses
Temir and Flint – Redhall allies killed by Harrow Beasts
Alith – Kodra’s Makari prisoner

Background Vow: – Extreme. When Amara’s father Deshi was overseer, he started a feud with the nearby Stoneford community (another village on the same river, twenty miles NE of Whitebridge). Amara intends to mend the conflict started by her father. Progress: 0.5
Dangerous Vow (reconquer Whitebridge) Progress:2
Dangerous Vow. Let Lestara be overseer for the next seven years. Progress:4
Formidable Journey to find Varena and Purena: Progress 5

Undertake a Journey – Challenge:1,9 Action:6+1(Wits)+1(Kodra)=8 WEAK HIT
Amara and the others proceed South, they finally exit the marshes, but supplies are always short (-1, now 1). Journey progress: 6.

Location Oracle: Peaceful Steading
They reach a large Steading belonging to a young woman, Saura, and her siblings.
Is Saura hostile towards the Broken? [50/50] NO
Saura has a deal with the Borken: she gives them some of her crops and they protect the area around the steading. Still, the surroundings are dangerous.

Sojourn – Challenge:4,2 Action:6+3(Heart)=9 STRONG HIT
Amara Recuperates completely from the wounds received during the previous fights (+2 Heath=5). Saura also provides generous food for the next days of travel (+2 Supplies=3).

Journey – Challenge:7,7 Action:4+1(Wits)+1(Kodra)=6 MISS
I interpret the Matches as someone trying to rescue or eliminate the Makari prisoner Alith: he will be the main target of the aggressors.
Are the attackers humans or trolls? [50/50] Trolls

While following a “lush trail” South, the party is faced by three large trolls.

Amara attacks one of the trolls, but it’s a hard fight and soon she is wounded. Delos manages to put one of the attackers out of combat.
The largest troll attacks Kodra: she fights bravely and with this blow she manages to make the attacker momentarily fall.

Delos and Kodra join forces and defeat the troll leader, but Amara is now out of combat.
Does the last troll retreat? [50/50] NO
He attacks Delos and puts him out of combat.

I stop the fight here, since the two main characters are unconscious.

When Amara regains her senses, does she see Kodra around? [50/50] NO
Is Alith the Makari there? [small chance] NO

What happened of Delos?
Companion Endure Harm – Challenge:9,9 Action:6+3(Heart)=9 MISS

The matches seem to me to require a “strong” interpretation of the miss: Amara finds the lifeless body of Delos (-2 momentum, now=2)

Amara has received 2 harms (Health now at 3).
Endure Harm – Challenge:1,8 Action:1+2(Iron)=3 Weak Hit

The death of Delos is a blow for Amara: it was the last of his Whitebridge companions. Also, Kodra was familiar with the region and she might have helped Amara interact with the Broken, when she reaches her destination. Yet she will have to go on by herself.

Current situation:
Health:3 Spirit:4 Supply:3 Momentum:2
Extreme Background Vow: (alliance with Stoneford) Progress:0.5
Dangerous Vow (have Lestara oversee for the next years) Progress:4
Dangerous Vow (reconquer Whitebridge) Progress:2
Formidable Journey to find Varena and Purena: Progress 6

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