Ironsworn: Amara of Whitebridge 6 – Rescuing Lestara

[An Ironsworn adventure in the Ironlands. I have played these fights with the Song of Blades and Heroes ruleset by Ganesha Games. Larger battles are played with the Ancient One Hour Wargames rules by Neil Thomas]

Main character: Amara
Edge:+1 Heart:+3 Iron:+2 Shadow:+2 Wits:+1
Health:3 Spirit:5 Supply:1 Momentum:7

Place Whitebrige – a riverside village
NW Haven (near the center of the Ironlands)

Martial Focus – BRAWLER Secure an Advantage by engaging in close-quarters brawling.
Ritual – AUGUR Summon a murder of crows and ask a single question.
Path – HERBALIST Heal people using herbal remedies.

Deshi (Amara’s father) [oracle: stingy and manipulative forager]
Lestara (Whitebridge overseer) [oracle: generous and powerful healer]
Quinn (Amara’s cousin) strong and dumb warrior
Lago – an attractive and friendly warrior from Redhall

Other NPCs:
Zura – a warrior from Whitebridge who wants to replace Lestara as overseer
Kaivan – the son of the Stoneford healer
Lona – Lago’s sister, another Redhall prominent warrior

Background Vow: – Extreme. When Amara’s father Deshi was overseer, he started a feud with the nearby Stoneford community (another village on the same river, twenty miles NE of Whitebridge). Amara intends to mend the conflict started by her father. Progress: 0.5
Vow: – Dangerous. Let Lestara be overseer for the next seven years. Progress:0

Previous events: Amara, Quinn and the crossbowman Delos attack a group of broken that are raiding the area. The heroes are defeated. Lestara harshly critiques Amara’s initiative, which ended in favouring Zura. Amara, Quinn and Delos leave Whitebridge heading for Stoneford. The day after their arrival, the Stoneford river-idol is stolen and the heroes join Kaivan, a young man from Stoneford, in the hunt for the thieves. They defeat a group of mysterious strangers who call themselves “Makari”: the heroes find out that the theft was but a diversion. Stoneford has been conquered by the Makari and Kaivan leaves the party. Amara and the others join a successful counter attack North of Stoneford: the leader is the friendly Lago of Redhall – it’s love at first sight with Amara. Amara, Quinn, Delos and Lago travel towards Whitebridge where the Makari, with the help of Zura, have imprisoned Lestara.

At night, Amara, Lago, Quinn and Delos reach the outskirts of Whitebridge. From behind the trees, they spot the night patrol: four Makari.

On the right: Delos, Quinn, Amara and Lago

They ambush them springing forward in the dark. Amara and Lago go first: one of the Makari is put out of the fight, two more are pressed by the heroes. Quinn and Delos join the fight to eliminate the last resistance.

They move to the centre of the village, searching buildings one by one, looking for Lestara.
The first two buildings are empty: Lestara is in the building at the bottom of the square, guarded by four more Makari!
Amara scores a gruesome kill (a Song of Blades and Heroes feature) with her first attack and the other Makari fail their morale roll and run away, screaming the alarm. Lestara is free! She grabs a knife from the dead Makari guard.

Lestara exits her prison!

So far, so good. But one of the running guards finds the courage to come back to the fight and he is joined by two more Makari: a second spear-man and one armed with a crossbow.
The two Makari spear-men prove to be tough fighters: Quinn is taken down, then it’s Lago’s turn. Amara forces her opponent to recoil and faces a hard choice: she decides to leave Quinn and her beloved Lago behind, taking Lestara to safety.

Lago and Quinn are out of combat

Having lost Lago and Quinn, I feel Amara must suffer -3 spirit.
Test your spirit: Challenge:9,1 Action:3+3(Heart)=6 Weak hit – press on

I mark 2 progress on Amara’s goal to have Lestara rule on the Whitebridge community.

Do they head towards Redhall? [Likely] YES
I decide to throw a “twist” in: something Lestara might have discovered during her imprisonment.
[ORACLE 16: TWISTS: 72 “a new danger appears”]
Lestara has overheard that the Makari have a pact with the Trolls, she has also seen a huge brute in Whitebridge. Hordes of Trolls will soon join the Makari in their attack to Havens.

Health:3 Spirit:2 Supply:1 Momentum:7

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