Ironsworn: Amara of Whitebridge 4 – Lago of Redhall

[An Ironsworn adventure in the Ironlands. I play skirmishes with paper minis and the Two Hour Wargames Swordplay 2015 ruleset. Larger battles are played with the Ancient One Hour Wargames rules by Neil Thomas]

Main character: Amara

Edge:+1 Heart:+3 Iron:+2 Shadow:+2 Wits:+1
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:3 Momentum:4
Place Whitebrige – a riverside village
NW Haven (near the center of the Ironlands)

Martial Focus – BRAWLER Secure an Advantage by engaging in close-quarters brawling.
Ritual – AUGUR Summon a murder of crows and ask a single question.
Path – HERBALIST Heal people using herbal remedies.

Deshi (Amara’s father) [oracle: stingy and manipulative forager]
Lestara (Whitebridge overseer) [oracle: generous and powerful healer]
Quinn (Amara’s cousin) strong and dumb warrior

Other NPCs:
Zura – a warrior from Whitebridge who wants to replace Lestara as overseer
Kaivan – the son of the Stoneford healer

Background Vow: – Extreme. When Amara’s father Deshi was overseer, he started a feud with the nearby Stoneford community (another village on the same river, twenty miles NE of Whitebridge). Amara intends to mend the conflict started by her father. Progress: 0
Vow: let Lestara be overseer for the next seven years. – Dangerous. Progress:0

Previous events: Amara, Quinn and the crossbowman Delos attack a group of broken that are raiding the area. The heroes are defeated. Lestara harshly critiques Amara’s initiative, which ended in favouring Zura. Amara leaves Whitebridge heading for Stoneford. Quinn and Delos come with her. The day after their arrival, the Stoneford river-idol is stolen and the heroes join Kaivan, a young man from Stoneford, in the hunt for the thieves. They reach and defeat a group of mysterious warriors who call themselves “Makari”: the heroes find out that the theft was but a diversive. Stoneford has been conquered by the Makari and Kaivan leaves the party in anger with Amara.

Amara has gained + 2 momentum for winning the previous skirmish against the Makari.

Amara tries to Forge a Bond with Kaivan: Challenge:9,7 Action:3+3(Heart)=6 MISS
Kaivan blames Amara for having persuaded him to pursue the thieves, deserting his community. Even if the night is falling, he immediately leaves to return to Stoneford.

Amara summons the crows and ask them what happened in Stoneford.
Augur Challenge:0,9 Action:2+1(Wits)=3 MISS
The birds are silent and do not answer Amara’s question.

Early next morning they make way towards Stoneford.
Do they meet more Makari along the way? [likely] NO

But when they reach the village, they see that it has really been occupied and Makari sentinels are mounting guard.
Amara summons the crows again and asks news of Kaivan.
Augur Challenge:6,1 Action:1+1(Wits)=2 WEAK HIT
[Oracle: Uphold Protection] The crows tell Amara that the Stoneford garrison on a fortified hill a few miles up the river has repelled the Makari attack, but they are besieged and in need for help. They reach the site just in time to join a counter-attack against the Makari.

Is the counter-attack lead by Zura of Whitebridge? [50/50] NO

The Redhall community has come to the rescue, joining forces with those who survived the Makari attack to Stoneford. The counter-attack is lead by a young Redhall warrior, Lago, who leads the Stoneford-Redhall force unnoticed through the woods, at the back of the besieging Makari.

[This battle is based on the Ancient Rules in One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas – scenario 22 “Ambush”]

Amara, Quinn and Delos join the Stoneford infantrymen on the left flank (orange pebble). Lago is at the center (purple pebble) and a contingent of Redhall cavalry on the right. The Soneford fortified hill is at the top left, garrisoned by infantry.
The Makari force includes three infantry contingents, two groups of skirmishers and archers.

The Stoneford infantry with Amara attacks the skirmishers at the centre and destroys them, but they are heavily damaged. Lago attacks the centre of the Makari force, but the Makari infantrymen do not yield easily. The cavalry charge on the right flank almost destroys the Makari skirmishers.


After the initial surprise, the battle becomes harder for the Stoneford / Redhall force. The garrison tries a sortie and joins the fight, first against the infantry on the left of the board, than reaching the the Makari archers who had retreated out of the melee.

The Makari are finally completely destroyed. Amara’s unit is the one which was most severely damaged. She must Pay the Price.
Was Amara injured, or one of her allies? [50/50] AMARA -2 Health

She tries to Heal herself with her herbs.
Herbalist Challenge:6,8 Action:4+1(Withss)+1(Herbalist)=6 MISS
She receive an additional -1 Health

Those who survived the battle Make Camp on the fortified hill.
Challenge:6,8 Action:3+3(Supply)=6
Amara recovers +1 Health

The Redhall leader Lago turns out to be [Oracle 10 NPC Decriptor] Friendly and Attractive.
After the battle he meets the wounded, included Amara.
Forge a Bond:
Challenge:5,5 Action:3+3(Heart)=6 STRONG HIT and MATCHES
+2 Momentum
Given Lago’s attractiveness, the Match seems obvious: love at first sight!

Amara’s current situation:
Health:3 Spirit:5 Supply:3 Momentum:6

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