Ironsworn: Amara of Whitebridge 2

[An Ironsworn adventure in the Ironlands, fighting a skirmishes with the Two Hour Wargames Swordplay 2015 ruleset]

Main character: Amara
Edge:+1 Heart:+3 Iron:+2 Shadow:+2 Wits:+1
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:5 Momentum:2
Place Whitebrige – a riverside village
NW Haven (near the center of the Ironlands)
NPC: Deshi (Amara’s father) [oracle: stingy and manipulative forager]
NPC: Lestara (Whitebridge overseer) [oracle: generous and powerful healer]
NPC: Quinn (Amara’s cousin) strong and dumb warrior
Martial Focus – BRAWLER Secure an Advantage by engaging in close-quarters brawling.
Ritual – AUGUR Summon a murder of crows and ask a single question.
Path – HERBALIST Heal people using herbal remedies.

Background Vow: – Extreme. When Amara’s father Deshi was overseer, he started a feud with the nearby Stoneford community (another village on the same river, twenty miles NE of Whitebridge). Amara intends to mend the conflict started by her father. Progress: 0

Vow: let Lestara be overseer for the next seven years. – Dangerous. Progress:0

Previous events: Amara, Quinn and the crossbowman Delos attack a group of broken that are raiding the area. The heroes are defeated. Zura, who has the ambition to replace Lestara as overseer, defeats the broken. Lestara harshly critiques Amara’s initiative. Amara decides to leave Whitebridge heading for Stoneford. Quinn and Delos come with her.

Journey to Stoneford – Troublesome. Progress: 0

After only a couple of hours walking through the forest, the heroes are ambushed by a group of broken!

From the left: Delos, Quinn and Amara being ambushed

Amara is the target of two arrows, but she dodges both. Delos shoots a dart but misses. Amara and Quinn charge two of the broken: they both quickly dispatch the opponent. Quinn moves on to successfully charge one of the archer: the only surviving broken flees.

The last broken archer leaves the field

Undertake a journey: Challenge:2,8 Action:6+1=7 Weak Hit, -1 Supply, Progress:3
Undertake a journey: Challenge:1,5 Action:6+1=7 Strong Hit, Progress:6
Undertake a journey: Challenge:1,9 Action:5+1=6 Weak Hit, -1 Supply, Progress:9

Reach destination: Challenge:6,5 Strong Hit Momentum +1

Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:3 Momentum:3

After two uneventful days of walk, the heroes reach Stoneford. They are received friendly and lodged comfortably in the house of Kaivan, the [Oracle: Timid and Weak] son of the shaman.

[Oracle – Settlement trouble – 11: Important object is lost]. Early next morning, the village is in full alarm: the guards of the river idol have been killed and the idol stolen. Several rangers are hunting the thieves and Amara, Quinn and Delos are asked to help. [to be continued]

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