Ironsworn: Amara of Whitebridge 1

[I am delving deeper into Ironsworn and its setting. I created a character and some background, fighting a skirmish with the Two Hour Wargames Swordplay 2015 ruleset]

Edge:+1 Heart:+3 Iron:+2 Shadow:+2 Wits:+1
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:5 Momentum:2

Place [oracle: high waterfall] Whitebrige – a riverside village
NW Haven (near the center of the Ironlands)

NPC: Deshi (Amara’s father) [oracle: stingy and manipulative forager]
NPC: Lestara (Whitebridge overseer) [oracle: generous and powerful healer]
NPC: Quinn (Amara’s cousin) strong and dumb warrior

Martial Focus – BRAWLER Secure an Advantage by engaging in close-quarters brawling.

Ritual – AUGUR Summon a murder of crows and ask a single question.

Path – HERBALIST Heal people using herbal remedies.

Background Vow: [oracle: Restore a relationship] (an alliance with a nearby community) – Extreme. When Amara’s father Deshi was overseer, he started a feud with the nearby Stoneford community (another village on the same river, twenty miles NE of Whitebridge). Amara intends to mend the conflict started by her father.

Inciting incident / ‘Settlement Trouble’ [oracle: Important event threatened][oracle: breach power] Someone is threatening the next term of Lestara as overseer.
Hostile NPC: Zura – armed and armored warrior. A young and popular woman, who intends to refuel the conflict with Stoneford. Her point of view is that the brokens raiding Whitebridge are sent by the people of Stoneford. In order to stop the raids, Stoneford must be openly attacked and defeated.
Vow: let Lestara be overseer for the next seven years. – Dangerous

Delos, Amara and Quinn

The crows inform Amara that a farm has been attacked by the broken. She summons Quinn and Delos (a crossbowman) and heads for the the farm. As soon as they emerge from the trees, they are attacked by the broken archers. Quinn is hit and out of the fight. Delos is too scared to move out of cover and put his crossbow to good use. Amara bravely faces two charging fighters, but she is defeated in the third duel and forced to retreat.

Delos ducks back, Quinn is out of the fight and Amara overwhelmed

Lost battle: Pay the Price “A person or community you trusted loses faith in you, or acts against you”.
Zura uses the incident to her advantage. She leads a larger force to the farm and forces the broken away. Lestara is very disappointed and tells Amara that she doesn’t want her to take action in first person without informing her.
Amara decides to reach Stoneford (troublesome journey) and see if she can do anything to help her community. Quinn and Delos agree to come with her.

Move: Undertake a journey
Challenge: 7,5 Action:3+1(wits)+1(bond)=5 Miss

After a few hours walk, the three are ambushed by the broken. [to be continued]

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