SICILY 1943 SESSION:6 – Mopping up in Caltanissetta

Previous Events: Our heroes are the leaders of an American infantry platoon: Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown, who wants to write a war novel. Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo, who hopes to meet his Sicilian relatives. Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley, whose ambition is to be promoted to a higher rank. (1) The platoon successfully reaches Sicily, together with large American and British armies. (2) The next day they contribute to stopping an armour counter-attack by the Hermann Goering Panzer division. (3-4) Pluto is wounded in action while fighting near Gela: he must be out of combat for a while. Eddy has been badly shaken by the first fight. Tony and Eddy are now directly under the command of the Company leader CPT Jones. (5) The Army moves North. The platoon attacks a building occupied by a group of Italian fascists: the first assault fails, but the second one, lead by Jones, is a success. Jones derides Eddy’s difficulties with dealing with the stress of battle. Eddy vows to take revenge in due time.

[A Valor&Victory / Ironsworn wargame/RPG mashup. V&V is based on 2D6 rolls; typically, it’s good to roll low numbers. – This is a plastic soldiers game: please don’t expect historical accuracy.]


18 July 1943: Lt.Pluto’s wound is much better: he can rejoin his platoon. Just in time for the attack to Caltanissetta: an important town at the centre of Sicily. The platoon is order to clear an area occupied by the Germans. [based on the official Valor and Victory scenario H3: Mopping Up]


Order of battle:
Americans: 12 Units, including the 3 leaders Pluto (-2 bonus), Tony (-1 bonus) and Eddy (currently without any leadership bonus for his shaken condition). 3 LMGs. 2 Supplies of Grenades. Satchel Charge.

Germans: 9 Units, including a strong (-2) leader and an ordinary (-1) leader. 1 LMG. 1 HMG. 1 Mortar protected by sandbags.

Turn 1: the American advance under heavy fire, but they are lucky enough to avoid serious casualties. Tony and Eddy advance towards the Northern building occupied by the strongest German leader. Pluto and some reserve soldiers advanced at the South.


Turn 2: The German leader in the Northern building puts his HMG to good use, pushing back both Eddy and Tony even if the Americans used all the grenades at their disposal.

At the South, the Americans take heavy casualties from the German LMG while crossing the road for a close assault. The assaulting squad uses a satchel charge and overcomes the defenders, but also the attackers are completely destroyed.


Pluto still stands, but he is completely out of support weapons: all LMGs have been destroyed, grenades and and the satchel charge have been used. He decide to retreat and ask for reinforcements.


All characters lose 1 Momentum. The Platoon loses 1 Supply.

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