Sicily 1943 Session:5 – Double assault in Pietraperzia

Pluto is still in the hospital in Gela. The Company moves North. Eddy and Tony lead the platoon against a fascist MG nest, but are pushed back. CPT Jones leads the second attack with more support weapons and this time the Italians are defeated.

Previous Events: Our heroes are the leaders of an American infantry platoon: Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown, who wants to write a war novel. Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo, who hopes to meet his Sicilian relatives. Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley, whose ambition is to be promoted to a higher rank. (1) The platoon successfully reaches Sicily, together with large American and British armies. (2) The next day they contribute to stopping an armour counter-attack by the Hermann Goering Panzer division. (3-4) Maria, a young girl from Gela, asks Tony to kill Tenente Murru, a fascist responsible for the death of Maria’s brother. Pluto is wounded in action and out of combat for a while. Eddy has been badly shaken by the first fight. Finally, under the command of the Company leader CPT Jones, Tenente Murru is killed.

[A Valor&Victory / Ironsworn wargame/RPG mashup. V&V is based on 2D6 rolls; typically, it’s good to roll low numbers.
This is a plastic soldiers game: please don’t expect historical accuracy.]

On 14 July, the regiment begins its Dangerous journey towards the centre of Sicily.
The first two days are uneventful, but for the fact that the Platoon is almost out of supplies.
On 17 July, they are approaching the town of Pietraperzia, when they encounter opposition by Italian soldiers. The fascists have installed a machine gun in cattle-shed protected by stone walls. They are under the fire of an American HMG (southern side of the map), but their cover proves excellent. The platoon is ordered to manoeuvre to the flank and attack from a nearby grove [scenario based on Platoon Forward (Too Fat Lardies) Card C: Flank Attack].

Order of battle:
Americans: 9 Units, including the 2 leaders Tony (-1 bonus) and Eddy (currently without any leadership bonus for his shaken condition). Off-board HMG.
Italians: 9 Units, including a strong (-2) leader and two ordinary leaders. 1 LMG. 1 supply of grenades.


Since the building is basically unaffected by ranged fire, the only options is moving in the open for a close assault. But the Italians are quick to redeploy and their opportunity fire decimates the attackers. Tony tries a close assault, but he is pushed back with heavy losses. Eddy and Tony are the last two standing men and they must retreat.


They are joined by CPT Jones, with fresh men and support weapons. Time for a second assault against the surviving fascists.


Order of battle:
Americans: 9 Units, including the 3 leaders Jones (-2 bonus), Tony (-1 bonus) and Eddy (currently without any leadership bonus for his shaken condition). 2 LMG. 2 supplies of Grenades. Off-board HMG.
Italians: 9 Units, including a strong (-2) leader and two ordinary leaders. 1 LMG. 1 supply of grenades.


The Italians are deployed in three groups, one inside the building, one at the south (led by the strongest leader) of it and a third one protected by the wall at the West of the building.
This time the Americans are more cautious: they use their machine guns to eliminate or pin some of the defenders. Then they move forward. Jones tries a first close assault to the building, but he fails. Tony uses the last Grenades and overcomes the defenders!
The two surviving Italian leaders surrender.


[Ironsworn intermezzo]

The goods captured from the Fascist HQ in Pietraperzia include hundreds of bottles of good brandy. In the evening, most of the battalion is more or less drunk. Booze makes Eddy feel better and he thinks it’s a good idea to try and make friends with CPT Jones.

Eddy, Forge a Bond – Challenge:2,4 Action:1+1Heart=2 MISS
Jones speaks to Eddy with arrogance and sarcasm. He is not surprised that Pluto has been wounded and he himself is lucky to have survived their mission, having to fight with cowards like Eddy. Other soldiers in the company overhear the conversation and join Jones in laughing at Eddy.


Eddy vows to take revenge on Jones (Dungerous vow).

Pluto is still in a hospital tent in Gela. He is making progress with his war novel and his wound is getting better (Wounded condition cleared).

Current situation:
Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown [VV -2 Leader]
Pluto was born in Virginia. Before the war, he taught English in high school.
Edge:1 Iron:2 Heart:3 Shadow:1 Wits:2
Vow: write an autobiographic novel about the war (Formidable). Progress: 2
Momentum:+6 Health:0 Spirit:+5 Platoon Supply:+4
Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo [VV -1 Leader]
Russo lives in New York. He speaks some Italian, but not enough to be considered an official interpreter.
Edge:2 Iron:1 Heart:2 Shadow:1 Wits:3
Vow: find his Sicilian relatives (Formidable). Progress: 1
Vow: find a way to save civilian lives (Extreme). Progress: 0
Vow: kill Tenente Murru (Dangerous). Completed
Momentum:+6 Health:+2 Spirit:+5
Bond with Maria (a young orphan girl in Gela)
Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley [currently VV leadership=0]
From Boston. He is the owner of a boxing gym.
Edge:3 Iron:2 Heart:1 Shadow:2 Wits:1
Vow: be promoted Lieutenant (Dangerous). Progress: 0
Vow: take revenge on CPT Jones (Dangerous). Progress: 0
Momentum:+2 Health:+5 Spirit:+0

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