Sicily 1943 Session:4 – The end of Tenente Murru

The company eliminates the evil fascist leader Tenente Murru, near Gela. The initial success of our heroes is finalized by the direct intervention of CPT Jones. Eddy is beaten again a close assault: he is completely dispirited. Tony finds that Maria’s mother was accidentally killed by an American shell.

Previous Events: Our heroes are the leaders of an American infantry platoon: Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown, who wants to write a war novel. Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo, who hopes to meet his Sicilian relatives. Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley, whose ambition is to be promoted to a higher rank. (1) The platoon successfully reaches Sicily, together with large American and British armies. The same day, they attack a farm occupied by the fascist Tenente Murru, but they are defeated. Eddy is badly shaken by the first day of fights.
(2) After their first night in Gela, the platoon is sent to the plain North of the city to help contrast an armoured counter-attack by the Hermann Goering Panzer division. Pluto destroys a German tank. Eddy talks with the Chaplain Father Robinson, but he feels more and more depressed.
(3) The platoon is escorting a supply truck, when they are attacked and defeated by Tenente Murru. Pluto is wounded, and out of combat for a while. Tony speaks with the battalion leader Major Sampson and convinces him of the need to eliminate Murru. Tony confirms to Sampson the rumours about Eddy’s difficulties with battle stress.

Valor&Victory / Ironsworn wargame/RPG mashup. V&V is based on 2D6 rolls; typically, it’s good to roll low numbers.
This is a plastic soldiers game: please don’t expect historical accuracy.

13 July 1943: US intelligence has spotted the location of Murru’s stronghold. The entire battalion is tasked to resolve the problem of this group of fascist fanatics.
[Mission based on One Hour Wargames Scenario 13: Escape]

Order of Battle:
Americans: 6 units (including the two -1 leaders Tony and Eddy). LMG. 1 supply of Grenades.
Italians: 6 units (including the -2 leader Murru and a “regular” -1 leader). 2 LMGs. 1 supply of Grenades.
The goal of the Italians is to exit at least three units from the Western table edge. Initially, a single American unit is deployed. Two reinforcements groups will enter at Turn 2 and 3.


Turn 1: the fascists enter the board and take cover in the woods at the South of the road.


Turn 2: Eddy enters from the Northern table edge. He occupies the higher ground at the North of the road.


Turn 3: Eddy’s opportunity fire [he rolled a 3] inflicts heavy damage to one of the fascist squads.

Tony enters from the South. Both Tony and Eddy move towards the enemy, ready for close assaults. Tony goes first: he makes use of the single supply of Grenades and [with a roll of 3] destroys Murru’s squad.


Eddy is not so lucky: the Italian Grenades do the difference, but both the attackers and the defenders are put out of combat.


[Ironsworn] Tony makes further progress in his goal of killing Murru.

Somehow, the sneaky Tenente manages to escape and to reach his nearby stronghold.
Tony pushes forward and is joined by the Battalion leader Captain Jones.

Order of Battle:
Americans: 6 units (including the two leaders Sgt.Tony [-1] and Cpt.Jones [-2]). Jones has a LMG. 1 supply of Grenades.
Italians: Murru [-2 leader] and a half squad. LMG.


The Americans move forward, taking cover among the trees at the two sides of the road.
Murru’s opportunity fire is ineffective [he rolls a 12, the worst possible score, triggering an enemy sniper]. Jones has managed to deploy a sniper in a favourable position.


When the fascists fire, the sniper spots them and shoots twice, killing the two occupants of the building [a roll of 6 eliminates the leader and the half squad, also with the +3 cover provided by the building]

But is Murru really dead this time?

Tony makes two more progress ticks on “Killing Murru”. His progress in now 6. I also let him recover a +1 Health.
Fulfil your Vow: Challenge:3,6 : Weak Hit
In the afternoon, Tony visits Maria, the young girl who had asked him to kill Murru and revenge his brother. He finds out that, the previous day, Maria’s mother was accidentally killed during the US Navy artillery bombing aimed at the German tanks. Tony’s bound with Maria is established. Tony has the new extreme goal of limiting the killing of civilians.

Eddy suffers a new -3 Spirit hit [since Sprit was +1, he takes -2 Momentum]
Test Spirit: Challenge:9,10 Action:3+1Heart=4 : Miss
He loses and additional 1 Momentum and takes the “Shaken” condition. I will remove his -1 VV leadership bonus until he recovers.

Current situation:
Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown [VV -2 Leader]

Pluto was born in Virginia. Before the war, he taught English in high school.
Edge:1 Iron:2 Heart:3 Shadow:1 Wits:2
Vow: write an autobiographic novel about the war (Formidable). Progress: 1
Momentum:+6 Health:0 Spirit:+5 Platoon Supply:+4
Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo [VV -1 Leader]
Russo lives in New York. He speaks some Italian, but not enough to be considered an official interpreter.
Edge:2 Iron:1 Heart:2 Shadow:1 Wits:3
Vow: find his Sicilian relatives (Formidable). Progress: 1
Vow: save civilian lives
Vow: kill Tenente Murru (Dangerous). Completed
Momentum:+6 Health:+2 Spirit:+5
Bond with Maria (a young orphan girl in Gela)
Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley [currently VV leadership=0]
From Boston. He is the owner of a boxing gym.
Edge:3 Iron:2 Heart:1 Shadow:2 Wits:1
Vow: be promoted Lieutenant (Dangerous). Progress: 0
Momentum:+2 Health:+5 Spirit:+0

[the traits of Jones and Sanders are from The Regiment]


Captain Jones is the Company Leader. He is organized and experienced, but overconfident.

Father Robertson is the chaplain of the Regiment. [Ironsworn oracles: Cowardly, Rebel against power]. He is secretly contrary to war, a thought he has always successfully hidden but that is slowly gnawing at his soul.

Lieutenant Colonel Sanders is the Battalion Leader. He is Aggressive and Honourable, but also Addicted to Victory.

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