Sicily 1943 Session:3 – Tenente Murru’s ambush

Valor&Victory / Ironsworn wargame/RPG mashup.
This is a plastic soldiers game: please don’t expect historical accuracy.

Recap: Our heroes are the leaders of an American infantry platoon: Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown, who dreams of writing a war novel. Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo, who hopes to meet his Sicilian relatives. Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley, whose ambition is to be promoted to a higher rank. The platoon has successfully reached Sicily, together with large American and British armies. The same day, they attack a farm occupied by the fascist Tenente Murru, but they are defeated. Eddy is badly shaken by the first day of fights.
After their first night in Gela, the platoon is sent to the plain North of the city to help contrast an armoured counter-attack by the Hermann Goering Panzer division. Pluto receives one of the rare bazookas available and puts it at good use, destroying a German tank. Eddy talks with the chaplain, but he feels more and more depressed.

12 July 1943: the guys escort a truck with supplies for a company entrenched a few miles North of Gela. Tenente Murru has set up an ambush! He has taken position on a rocky outcrop near the road: when the truck approaches, the fascists roll boulders on the road, stopping the convoy.


Order of battle:
Americans: 8 units (including the three leaders, Pluto -2, Eddy and Tony -1). 1 supply of Grenades.
Italians: 7 units (including the -2 leader Murru and a “regular” -1 leader). LMG, Grenades, Satchel charge.

Turn 1: The first Italian squad moves towards the truck. Pluto’s opportunity fire is totally ineffective [12 is the worst possible result]. Moreover, a Italian sniper has taken position among the shrubs at the South of the road: he kills one of Pluto’s men.


The Italian squad attempts a close assault against the truck, defended by Eddy: they are pushed back. But Murru’s charge is unstoppable [2 is the best possible result]. The truck is immobilized and Eddy is out of combat.


Turn 2: The first Italian squad fires, putting also Pluto out of combat.


Only Tony still stands, but he is outnumbered by Murru (Anti-Personal fire power: 8 for the Italians, 3 for Tony’s squad). The attackers need a 9 or less to succeed (considering Murru’s superior leadership) and they roll a 7. The defenders have been completely defeated. The fascists hastily collect weapons and ammo for the truck and disappear, just when American reinforcements arrive.


[Inter-battle Ironsworn interlude]

As a consequence of the defeat, all characters take -1 Momentum. Also, -1 Supply for the Platoon.

I decided that each American leader will suffer 1D4+1 Health or Spirit harm.

Tony: -4 Heath
Endure Harm: Challenge: 1,9 Action:3+2Health=5 Weak Hit
Tony is just badly bruised. He still operative.

Pluto: -4 Health
Endure Harm: Challenge: 6,9 Action:3+2Iron=5 Miss
Pluto had already been lightly wounded in the previous fight with Murru. Now he has taken a bullet in his left leg. He is wounded and he will be unable to fight for a while. At least, he will have some time to take notes for his book (I mark +1 progress).

Eddy: -2 Spirit
Test Spirit: Challenge: 4,5 Action:4+1Heart=5 Weak Hit
Eddy’s condition is getting worse, but he somehow manages to hide his feelings.


Tony has vowed a young girl for Gela that the Americans will kill Tenente Murru. After this second defeat, he feels he has to try something more decisive in pursue of this goal. While visiting Pluto in the hospital tent, Tony meets the Battalion leader Lieutenant Colonel Sanders. He points out to the danger of having Murru around: he could become a hero and an example for other fascist fanatics. Couldn’t the Americans take specific action to eliminate this dangerous enemy?
Compel: Challenge: 6,9 Action:6+2Heart=8 Weak Hit
[LTC Sanders asks something in return]
The Major seems convinced by Tony’s argument. He says that, now that Pluto is out of combat, Tony will have to lead the platoon at least for a few days. He carefully points to Eddy’s poor reaction to the stress of battle and asks Tony his point of view on the subject. Tony can only confirm that Eddy has having a bad time, but he is sure he will soon recover.
Tony scores two progress marks on his Vow of killing Murru.

Does Eddy suspect that Tony has given him away? [50-50 chance] NO


Current situation:
Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown
Pluto was born in Virginia. Before the war, he taught English in high school.
Edge:1 Iron:2 Heart:3 Shadow:1 Wits:2
Vow: write an autobiographic novel about the war (Formidable). Progress: 1
Momentum:+6 Health:0 Spirit:+5 Platoon Supply:+3

Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo
Russo lives in New York. He speaks some Italian, but not enough to be considered an official interpreter.
Edge:2 Iron:1 Heart:2 Shadow:1 Wits:3
Vow: find his Sicilian relatives (Formidable). Progress: 1
Vow: kill Tenente Murru (Dangerous). Progress: 2
Momentum:+5 Health:+1 Spirit:+5

Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley
From Boston. He is the owner of a boxing gym.
Edge:3 Iron:2 Heart:1 Shadow:2 Wits:1
Vow: be promoted Lieutenant (Dangerous). Progress: 0
Momentum:+4 Health:+5 Spirit:+1


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