Sicily 1943 Session:1 – 10 July 1943

This is a plastic soldiers game: please don’t expect historical accuracy.


(Map from The Liberation Trilogy)

First session of my Valor&Victory / Ironsworn wargame/RPG mashup.
Our heroes are the leaders of an American infantry platoon: Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown, Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo and Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley


h:6 AM: The heroes land on one of the best defended of the beaches involved in Operation Husky. The platoon touches ground in front of a bunker armed with a Heavy Machine Gun fired by a team lead by a strong [-2 bonus] Italian leader. Another dune hosts an Italian Light Machine Gun. Pluto’s objective is to clear the bunker and bring at least half of his units past the dunes.

Order of Battle:
Americans: 12 units (including the three leaders). HMG, LMG, 2 supplies of grenades
Italians: 5 units (including a -2 leader). HMG, LMG, 1 supply of grenades

The yellow pebbles mark positions where mines (red pebbles) could be present. The dark cubes are barbed wire.


Pluto deploys at the centre, with the LMG. Eddy and a reserve squad are at his right, with the HMG. Tony is on the left.

Turn 1: Eddy and the reserve soldiers find mines! Miraculously, a single unit is lost. Tony and Pluto advance more slowly, trying to avoid enemy fire, yet Tony’s squad is pinned by the Italians.


Turn 2: Plato’s MG hits hard the Italians on the Northern dune. Tony finds a mine-less passage through the barbed wire. Eddy advances towards the bunker, taking considerable losses.

Turn 3: Plato completes the elimination of the MG team on the Northern dune. Eddy is pinned just below the bunker. What remains of his squad attempts a close assault: the HMG is useless, but they throw a round of grenades. The first attackers are all killed.


But Tony has also reached the bunker and his attack on the now weakened enemy is a success! The bunker is cleared.


Six units (including the three leaders) are still active: both objectives have been achieved.

I now switch to Ironsworn to see what happens between battles. All characters get +1 Momentum for their victory.

Pluto: Secure Advantage
Pluto reaches the Company Commander Cpt.Jones (Experienced and Organized but Overconfident) and asks for orders.
Challenge: 3 and 4, Action=3+3Heart=6 : Strong Hit
The Captain was impressed by Pluto’s action on the beach. Clearing that bunker was of vital importance. (Pluto: Momentum +2)
The Captain points to the roof of a farm among the olive trees. The platoon must clear that building too, then they can rest there waiting for orders.

Tony: Forge a bond
While they advance towards the farm, Tony notices an adolescent girl at the side of the road. He speaks to her in Italian.
Challenge: 5 and 9, Action=6+2Heart=8 : Weak Hit
(some action is required to forge the bond)
The girl (Maria) tells Tony that evil Tenente Murru, a fascist fanatic, occupies the farm. Murru killed his brother and she asks Tony to do justice. Tony promises to do so.
I grant Tony 1 advance on his Vow to find his Sicilian family, since he has made contact with the first Sicilian.

I had time for a second battle, so here it is:

Order of Battle:
Americans: 7 units (including the three leaders). HMG, LMG
Italians: 5 units (including the -2 leader Murru). LMG

The green cubes are olive trees.


h.10 AM – The platoon reaches the farm. There actually are two buildings, among the olive trees. Thanks to Maria’s warning, they advance cautiously.

Turn 1: Eddy, with the HMG, attacks the main building. Murru’s opportunity fire (with a -2 leader bonus and a -2 bonus for a target in the open) is devastating: the whole American squad is out of combat.

In Valor&Victory, low rolls are good: the fascist MG annihilates Eddy’s squad

Plato attacks the smaller building and is more lucky; but when he tries to assault the fascists, they defend brilliantly [the attackers rolled 11, needing 8 or less]: the Lieutenant is out of combat too. Tony had approached the main building, hoping to contribute to the undoing of Murru, but given the situation he orders retreat.


The objective has not been reached: all characters take -1 Momentum. They have lost their MGs: -1 supply.
Murru was not killed, so Tony cannot forge his bond with Maria (I will add killing the nasty fascist to Tony’s vows).

Pluto and Eddy went out of combat. I decided to inflict 3 Health Harms to Pluto [Endure Harm move] and 3 Spirit Harms to Eddy [Test your Spirit].

Plato: Endure Harm
Challenge: 1 and 2, Action=5+2Health=7 : Strong Hit
Plato was hit at his left arm. It’s not too serious. He regains +1 Health (now at +3)

Eddy: Test your Spirit
Challenge: 9 and 6, Action=6+2Spirit=8 : Weak Hit
Eddy was badly shaken by the fight, but he carries on (Spirit remains at +2)


Cpt.Jones directs what is left of the platoon to a building at the outskirts of Gela. They will pass the night there with the rest of the Company.
Make Camp
Challenge: 4and 2, Action=5+4Supply=9 : Strong Hit
All characters recover 1 point of Momentum, Spirit, Health

Current situation:

Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown
Pluto was born in Virginia. Before the war, he taught English in high school.
Edge:1 Iron:2 Heart:3 Shadow:1 Wits:2
Vow: write an autobiographic novel about the war (Formidable). Progress: 0
Momentum:+5 Health:+4 Spirit:+5 Platoon Supply:+4

Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo
Russo lives in New York. He speaks some Italian, but not enough to be considered an official interpreter.
Edge:2 Iron:1 Heart:2 Shadow:1 Wits:3
Vow: find his Sicilian relatives (Formidable). Progress: 1
Vow: kill Tenente Murru (Dangerous). Progress: 0
Momentum:+3 Health:+5 Spirit:+5

Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley
From Boston. He is the owner of a boxing gym.
Edge:3 Iron:2 Heart:1 Shadow:2 Wits:1
Vow: be promoted Lieutenant (Dangerous, i.e. easier than Formidable. It seems Eddy has already been noticed by higher officers). Progress: 0
Momentum:+3 Health:+5 Spirit:+3


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