Sicily 1943 – Ironsworn and Valor&Victory

I will try mixing a wargame (the freely available Valor and Victory) and a RPG (the freely available preview of Ironsworn). In the past weeks, I have played several games with VV: there are several rules I haven’t played yet (e.g. vehicles), but I hope I have done most of the learning by now and I can concentrate on learning Ironsworn.

This is a plastic soldiers game: please don’t expect historical accuracy.

I plan to play the leaders of an American platoon during the allied invasion of Sicily in 1943. Ironsworn is fantasy themed, but the rule-set really is generic and can easily be applied to any setting. As a solo player, I greatly appreciate that this style of game is explicitly supported.

Eddy, Pluto and Tony

These are my heroes:

Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown
Pluto was born in Virginia. Before the war, he taught English in high school.
Edge:1 Iron:2 Heart:3 Shadow:1 Wits:2
Vow: write an autobiographic novel about the war (Formidable)

Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo
Russo lives in New York. He speaks some Italian, but not enough to be considered an official interpreter.
Edge:2 Iron:1 Heart:2 Shadow:1 Wits:3
Vow: find his Sicilian relatives (Formidable)

Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley
From Boston. He is the owner of a boxing gym.
Edge:3 Iron:2 Heart:1 Shadow:2 Wits:1
Vow: be promoted Lieutenant (Dangerous, i.e. easier than Formidable. It seems Eddy has already been noticed by higher officers)

I plan to play switching between the two games. I will use Valor and Victory to play the fights (I don’t plan to use much of the combat moves in Ironsworn). I will use Ironsworn to define the fate of the heroes if they go Out of Combat during the VV battles and (more interestingly) to have some action between battles, with the heroes trying to make progress with their personal goals.
I will keep a single “Supply” score for the whole platoon: this could be used to determine the availability of support weapons, vehicles, barrage etc. during battles. But we will see…

[Edit – Here are some NPCs that were introduced in later games]

[the traits of Jones and Sanders are from The Regiment]


Captain Jones is the Company Leader. He is organized and experienced, but overconfident.

Father Robertson is the chaplain of the Regiment. [Ironsworn oracles: Cowardly, Rebel against power]. He is secretly contrary to war, a thought he has always successfully hidden but that is slowly gnawing at his soul.

Lieutenant Colonel Sanders is the Battalion Leader. He is Aggressive and Honourable, but also Addicted to Victory.

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