Valor & Victory in Montagna – 7 – Machinegun slaughter


[Seventh AAR of my solo games with the free Valor and Victory wargame. I play using Memoir 44 tiles for terrain and basic plastic army men. Battles are based on One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas. Valor & Victory represents leaders as individual figures; in my games, one or two blue pebbles mark -2 (strong) and -1 (ordinary) leaders. Ordinary soldiers actually represent small squads of men. I use crouching figures for “reduced” (i.e. damaged) units. The game system is based on 2d6, one has to roll lower than a target number depending on the specific situation. A number of interesting details are included: e.g. various support weapons, armed and unarmed vehicles, snipers etc.]

Previous Events: A group of partisans [green army] has created a free republic in Northern Italy: the Republic of Montagna. The Fascist government army [grey] runs a successful attack (1:Sector J), capturing the partisan leader Arturo: the fascists cross the Grigio river and inflict a second defeat to the partisans (2:Sector I). The partisan leader Leo is also captured, but partisan commander Carla escapes. (3) Carla leads the partisans in the successful defence of the bridge in Sector C. The partisans counter attack: they ambush a contingent of enemies (4:Sector G), capturing enough fascists to be able to trade them for the freedom of Arturo and Leo: Carla earns a Valor badge. (5) She leads her comrades to the reconquest of Sector I. A partisan attack in Sector D is blocked by the fascists: Leo is killed (6).

The partisan expect to be attacked in Sector C. They prepare defensive positions in two buildings, where they install machine guns. Special rules: attacker refit – the attacking force may declare a refit: all its units are eliminated and the entire attacking army reappears.
[Based on One Hour Wargames Scenario 15: Fortified defense]


Partisans – 9 units, including the two regular [-1] leaders Arturo and Dimitri, and an experienced [-2] leader: the valorous Carla. Light Machine Gun and Heavy MG.
Fascists – 9 units, including a regular [-1] leader. Light Machine Gun and grenades.

Turn 1: The attacker move forward and take damage from the defenders’ opportunity fire.


Turn 2: The fascist leader reaches the building defended by Carla, but the partisans roll a 3 on opportunity fire and destroy the attacking squad.


Dimitri resists a first close assault.


Turn 3: the attackers refit, starting with fresh troops. Their first wave was totally ineffective: the partisans have received no damage.


The fascists concentrate near Dimitri’s building. This time the first assault is a success: Dimitri is sadly killed in action. The fascists have rolled a 2, and one of their units gains a Valor badge.


Turn 4: The battle is near to the end. Dimitri has to move forward to attempt an attack: he fails and falls in the attempt [a die roll suggests that he survives, anyway].


Turn 5: Arturo leaves the cover of the woods to take full advantage of the fascist leader’s squad being largely pinned by machine-gun fire. He assaults and destroy the squad.


Turn 6: I decided to run a sixth turn, to see if the attackers stood of chance of defeating Carla. This was not the case: opportunity fire by Arturo and Carla decimates the attackers. Carla also sends a figure on assault, to eliminate attacking pinned units. The fascists were completely destroy, without even a chance to attempt an assault on Carla.

[I was glad that Arturo had the initiative to come out of the wood. In this case, the defenders can simply hold their positions and fire as hell. The “refit” option for the attackers makes for a huge slaughter. Another fun scenario, even if tactical options are limited.]

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