Valor & Victory in Montagna – 1 – The fascists attack

[First AAR of my solo games with the free Valor and Victory wargame and One-Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas. I play using Memoir 44 tiles for terrain and basic plastic army men. The game represents leaders as individual figures. Ordinary soldiers actually represent small squads of men. The game system is based on 2d6, one has to roll lower than a target number depending on the specific situation. A number of interesting details are included: e.g. various support weapons, armed and unarmed vehicles, snipers…]

A group of partisans has created a free republic in Northern Italy: the Republic of Montagna.
The two leaders Bianca and Arturo defend the frontier of the new republic (sector J) ready for an attack from the government army that controls the nearby villages Fiore and Breccia.
[The battle is based on One-Hour Wargames, by Neil Thomas, scenario 7]

The Partisans (Green) are deployed on a dominant hill, expecting an attack from the south. The attackers (Gray) have taken advantage of some concealed ground and sent the bulk of their force around the Partisan’s flank.

The two sides have similar forces, each with two basic -1 Leaders. The Partisans have a Heavy Machine Gun (assigned to Bianca’s squad). The Fascists a Light Machine Gun and a Satchel Charge.

Turn 1: the attackers advance. The Defenders have no other option but keep their position and fire back. The attackers roll a 12 (the worst possible) and activate a Partisan sniper, who joins the Opportunity Fire of the others. A first fascist assault on Arturo makes use of the LMG and the Satchel Charge, yet they are pushed back [barely, they rolled 9, needing 8 or lower].

Turn 2: having taken considerable casualties, Bianca moves back leaving the HMG to fresher troops. The attackers advance on the left, killing the sniper.

Turns 3: the attackers perform a series of successful assaults. On the left, they find little resistance: they climb the hill and then shoot down Bianca’s squad [I rolled a die to see if Bianca managed to survive the fight, but she was killed in action]. On the right they take heavy casualties, but finally the Fascist sergeant defeats Arturo’s squad [Arturo is captured alive, not necessarily good news for him].

Turn 4: the three units Fascist force on the left assaults the HMG crew. They roll a 2 [the best possible] and completely destroy the opposition.

Sector J is now under the control of the Fascists.

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