Road to Xyzab 5 – Final

Fifth and last episode of my #SGAM2017 Stay Frosty game also using Zach Best’s UNE (Universal NPC Emulator) in the scifi-flavoured version by Todd Zircher.

Previous Events: Earth is attacked by alien monsters: human soldiers bravely fight back. Gammon (an Infantry veteran) and Rhyne (a psychic) have been ordered to investigate an alien demon-trap in Xyzab. The squad also includes two goons. They are soon confronted by aliens and bugs. They free Tao, an anarchist rebel kept prisoner by a giant octopus alien. One of the goons goes apeshit and flees. Tao leads the squad to a building where he thinks they can find the target of their mission. At the entrance, there is a furious fight with a giant crab: the remaining goon is killed and Tao disappears. The fight is resolved by Bryanna, an arrogant journalist who is escorted by several soldiers. Bryanna and two of her soldiers enter the building together with the heroes. On the first floor of the building, they meet a girl (Elizabet) who deals in alien artefacts: she has been trying to open a locked door. Gammon uses one of his grenades to remove the obstacle: the next room contains alien devices that seem to be connected with the room immediately above.

The heroes climb the stairs to the second floor. Elizabet joins them, saying she is sure that other valuable items can be found above. They are confronted by one more huge armoured bug. One of Bryanna’s goons is immediately killed. Gammon fumbles [he rolls a 1 attack] and trips: he is hit and reduced to 0 HP, out of the fight! Elizabet and Bryanna kill the bug, with some help from Rhyne. Bryanna is beginning to think that Elizabet will make a nice addition to the article she is planning to write.
The surviving goon is left with Gammon, the others move to the next room. It does contain the alien demon-trap that they must destroy.

The demon trap!!!

The demon inside the glass vat seems unconscious, but Rhyne uses his Telepathy power and manages to communicate with him. The demon tells him that, in order to destroy the device, they must reach the roof and turn off the power generator, but they must be careful: the generator is guarded by many snail aliens.
TRhyne, Bryanna and Elizabet climb the stairs to the roof. They are confronted by six aliens! Bryanna is hit and wounded, but she and Elizabet do a great job shooting down the hostiles. Rhyne tries to sneak through the enemies and reach the generator, but he is intercepted and locked in hand to hand combat. Elizabet comes to his aid, but she only defeats the alien after Rhyne goes down at 0 HP! Now only the two women are left. Elizabet reaches the generator and successfully turns it off. The lid opens, freeing the demon, who zots the last of the aliens and then disappears. The demon trap is neutralised: mission accomplished!
Bryanna is almost happy to have been wounded: now she has such a great story to write! Gammon and Rhyne are lucky to be still alive. They have reached the goal of the mission, one way or the other. If Bryanna’s article will not be too harsh (the army needs the help of a journalist and a rascal…) the big shots at the headquarters should be satisfied with the outcome.

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