Road to Xyzab 4 – Inside the Xyzab tower

Fourth episode of my #SGAM2017 Stay Frosty game also using Zach Best’s UNE (Universal NPC Emulator) in the scifi-flavoured version by Todd Zircher.

Previous Events: Earth is attacked by alien monsters: human soldiers bravely fight back. Gammon (an Infantry veteran) and Rhyne (a psychic) have been ordered to investigate an alien demon-trap in Xyzab. The squad also includes two goons. They are soon confronted by aliens and bugs. They free Tao, an anarchist rebel kept prisoner by a giant octopus alien. One of the goons goes apeshit and flees. Tao leads the squad to a building where he thinks they can find the target of their mission. There is a furious fight with a giant crab: the remaining goon is killed and Tao disappears. The fight is resolved by Bryanna, an arrogant journalist who is escorted by several soldiers. Bryanna and two of her soldiers will enter the building together with Gammon and Rhyne.


Our heroes enter the building. They are attacked by an armoured bug [2 HD, spews acid] which wound one of Bryanna’s soldiers. After several shots being blocked by the thick armour, Gammon kills the monster. They climb the stairs to the upper floor, while Bryanna gladly takes photographs of the dead caterpillar.

At first floor, they meet a young woman who is trying to open the alien lock of a red door. Her name is Elizabet Mosi.

elizabet#20 of my pre-canned profiles based on Zach’s UNE
NPC type is: optimistic traveller
Power level is: Comparable
Motivations are: fulfill religion
plunder atrocities
manage riddles
Conversation mood is: sociable
NPC bearing is: inquisitive – investigation
Conversation seeds: person, level, door, woman, force

After a brief talk with Elizabet, it is clear that she is an alien raider in search of artefacts to sell on the black market. She doesn’t think that moving all by herself into an alien lair was a bad idea: she believes she is under a special divine protection and the arrival of the squad clearly confirms her idea. She could find a way to open that damned door and she is sure that there is something interesting behind.

Gammon has the others move back and successfully blasts the door with a grenade. Four snail aliens [2 HD each] come out of the room and attack! It’s another tough fight. The aliens wound Rhyne [he now has 6 HP left] and one of Bryanna’s men. Finally, Bryanna and her two soldiers kill the aliens. Gammon and Elizabet miss all their shot and Bryanna cannot help mocking them for their ineptitude. Everybody moves into the room.

F1.JPG_TBryanna takes more pictures, Elizabet picks up all the pieces of alien technology she can carry, the soldiers examine the alien devices inside the room. The wires running along the walls suggest that a larger alien device should be in the room directly above.


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