Road to Xyzab 3 – Bryanna saves the day

Third episode of my #SGAM2017 Stay Frosty game also using Zach Best’s UNE (Universal NPC Emulator) in the scifi-flavoured version by Todd Zircher.

Previous Events: Gammon (an Infantry veteran) and Rhyne (a psychic) have been ordered to investigate an alien demon-trap in Xyzab. The squad also includes two goons. They are soon confronted by aliens and bugs: Gammon is wounded. They free Tao, an anarchist rebel who was kept prisoner by a giant octopus. One of the goons goes apeshit and flees.

Board 4: Tao leads the squad to a nearby large building, where he thinks the mission target might be. As the squad approaches the entrance a huge armoured crab attacks! [4 HD; armour 2; 2 attacks x3 damage]. Tension level is now 2. The crab reaches the goon and horribly crushes him. Gammon and Rhyne shoot their weapons, but they are ineffective against the heavy armour of the creature. A military vehicle enters the scene and several soldiers come out of it and kill the crab and, thanks to a grenade launcher. With the soldier, a woman arrived: during the fight, she takes pictures of the action and of the dead body of the goon.


[Here is her UNE profile, #15 of my pre-canned characters
NPC type is: defiant journalist
Power level is: Comparable
Motivations are: execute criminals
complete alcohol
chronicle psionics
Conversation mood is: neutral
NPC bearing is: knowing – telling
Conversation seeds: kid, site, site, man, water]



The woman presents herself as Bryanna Wyse, a reporter for Psychic Warfare Today, published by the Earthling Army. Bryanna’s is presumptuous and careless, she appears to be a bit drunk. She almost mocks Gammon for his inability to cope with the crab; on the other hand, she immediately notices that Rhyne is a psychic and develops a professional interest in the mission. She says she was going to visit the building for a reportage anyway. The medic in her escort heals Gammon for 5 HP [he now has 10 HP]. Bryanna and two of her goons will enter the building with Rhyne and Gammon, while the rest of the soldiers wait outside. At the end of this conversation, Gammon and Rhyne notice that Tao is gone: he must have sneaked away during the fight.




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