Road to Xyzab 1 – Gammon and Rhyne

I have generated two characters for my #SGAM2017 Stay Frosty games. My squad consists of these two main characters and a couple of goons / red jackets.
The setting is what I have been using during the last year or so: Earth is under attack through some alien space-gates. The invading army includes snail-like and giant anthropomorphic giants as well as dinosaurs and giant bugs (whatever plastic toys I can grab): the aliens are supported by humans that are simply called “collaborationists”.


Here are the two heroes:

Lt. Rhyne – Psychic (3rd level)

HP: 11
Brains 8+; Brawn: 12+; DEX:10+; Willpower: 8+
Armed with a pistol
Powers: Cloud Mind; Mind Stab; Telepathy

I generated this profile using Zach Best’s UNE scifi-flavoured by Todd Zircher.

Character type is: cunning actor
Motivations are: possess family, assist force, discover pride
Conversation mood is cautious
Bearing is inquisitive – demand
Conversation seeds: case, team, law, name, space

Rhyne is a deceptive guy. He is good at hiding his feeling and his thoughts. We can assume that he is loyal to the cause of the Earthlings, but he could surprise us. Actually, Rhyne is quite selfish. His main goal is surviving the war so that he can make a family and be on his own.

Private Gammon – veteran Infantry soldier (3rd level)

HP: 15
Brains 11+; Brawn: 9+; DEX:9+; Willpower: 12

Armed with rifle and grenades

Character type is: needy bodyguard

Motivations are: contact criminals, plunder freedom, distress pride

Conversation mood is cautious
Bearing is hostile – rage

Conversation seeds day, hour, family, service, level+

Gammon is one of the few people who get along well with Rhyne. He also is not the talkative type. He is fond of his work in the army: it gives him a socially acceptable way to channel his anger. His main responsibility is the safety of Rhyne, whose psychic powers are extremely valuable: Gammon is sure that by keeping Rhyne alive he will gain much credit with his superior officers. He is is eager to see his value explicitly recognized by others.

The mission

Stay Frosty mission generator suggested: [Investigate Artefact]
I used the Game Master’s apprentice Deck to get additional details: [Trap Eternal Daemon]

Gammon and Rhyne must reach the small village of Xyzab. They will have to acquire information about an alien device that is meant to capture a very powerful star-being, making his power available to the snail aliens as an additional weapon against the Earthlings.

First Session

Three snail aliens!

Board 1: the team is on the road to Xyzab! [I play on each board three white PEF -Potential Enemy Force- markers; I resolve each with a Danger Die roll].
The first roll is Consumable Depleted and has no effect.
The second roll is an encounter! I roll several enemies with a total of 6 HD. I go for three snail aliens, 3 HD each. The aliens attack with their psychic eye-rays and hit both the goons. Gammon and the goons respond effectively and take down the aliens.
Third roll: Tension explodes! Since tension was only 1, it barely has any effect.


Board 2: The first two PEFs are Stress (Tension now +2). The third PEF is another hostile encounter (Tension +3). These turn out to be two nasty armoured bugs, dealing double damage. The cockroach is 3HD strong, the grasshopper 2HD. Gammon moves to his left to face the cockroach. Rhyne uses his Mind Stab power against the grasshopper, but fails [he will not be able to use the power again before resting]. The goons kill the grasshopper, but in the meantime Gammon has a hard time fighting the cockroach: the bug reaches him; Gammon hits, but the bug inflicts him 10 hit points of damage! The goons join forces with Gammon and, after a long hand to hand fight, manage to kill it.

Gammon is badly wounded. The goons more lightly wounded. Rhyne is OK, but he cannot use Mind Stab.


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