Stay Frosty – Searching for Arkek

I am running my first solo tests with Stay Frosty, a cool Sci-Fi RPG full of alien bugs and explosions.

Even if the game is not too complex, I have further simplified it:

    • I don’t roll damage: it always is a multiple of 5HP depending on the weapon / type of attack; I don’t use Armor


  • Hostiles have HD*5 HPs
  • I am not using MOS (my first characters are just generic soldiers)
  • I am not using Psi-Powers
  • The same Tension level is shared by the whole squad

The Squad (they are Level 2):

Sgt. Galven
Brains:8+ Brawn:8+ Dext:10+ Will:9+
HP: 11
Pistol – Damage:5HP, Ammo D8

Private Rosek
Brains:9+ Brawn:9+ Dext:9+ Will:8+
HP: 15
Rifle – Damage:10HP, Ammo D8

Private Benny
Brains:13+ Brawn:5+ Dext:8+ Will:8+
HP: 18
Granade Launcher – Damage:10HP Blast, Ammo:D4

I used the mission generator included in the game to generate an objective:
Sabotage Criminal House

Arkek is a leader of the collaborationists. The squad must find his house in the no-man’s land and sabotage the machinery he uses to communicate with the aliens.
I am also experimenting with the “scrolling board” I previously discussed.
On each board, I place 3 Potential Enemy Force (PEF) markers (TwoHourWargames style). I resolve each marker rolling the Stay Frosty Danger Die.

Board 1: two of the markers have no effect (Tension Explodes, but Tension is still 0; consumable depleted, but ammo checks are OK). The third PEF reveals a single alien which jumps on Galven. Galven is wounded. Benny attacks hand-to-hand and kills the alien without risking his precious grenades.

Fight with two aliens

Board 2: two more aliens appear and attack with their eye-rays. Rosek is hit. Galven is hit again and reduced to a single HP. The two soldiers fire back and put down the aliens (they only had a single HD each).

A friendly talk with a civilian

Board 3: A giant brute pops up from behind a car. Thanks god he is on the opposite side of the board and the team has all the time to put it down without coming to hand-to-hand combat. Benny has to fire his Grenade Launcher, but the ammo roll his OK. Tension is now at 3 and the guys have considerable fighting bonuses. A PEF finally resolves as a clue: a civilian informs them that Arkek’s house is nearby.

To be continued….


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