“Scrolling” sci-fi miniature games

I am considering adding some “horizontal-scrolling” to my solo RPG / skirmish games. The inspiration is the genial game “Science vs Pluck” by Howard Whitehouse. I think I first read about it on the story-games forum.

Whitehouse wrote:

Approach the ‘hardware’ aspects of wargaming with a flexible attitude. Think of the game table less as a rigid map that will remain constant throughout the game – though in a pure ‘battle’ scenario it might – but as a stage to portray the action as it develops. For instance, you might show a period of marching by advancing down the length of the table, then changing around the scenery and doing it again, or going back the way you came, or fighting a battle across the table. Move the terrain around; put the figures in formation in the centre of the board and move hills and rocks past them rather than the other way round. Make it like a Disney ride, with more imagination and illusion than actual movement. By looking at the table as a ‘game environment’ to be used in any way that aids the action, your scope for scenario design will increase significantly.

Since my gaming table is quite small, I think I could make use of this idea, moving the team of heroes left to right. I would just keep a small piece of terrain, moving it from the extreme right to the extreme left to join the two consecutive areas.

The result could be something like this (thinking of playing Stay Frosty or some other bug-hunting game). I hope this could help linking several battles into a more uniform narrative.

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