The Papyria Arena 3 – The rise of Bemos

A new day of fights in my gladiator campaign.
I am using Munera Sine Missione by Gary Comardo, Victor Jarmusz, Alan Saunders. version 2.3 as edited by Yokiboy and available on boardgamegeek.
For inspiration, I use the free version of the Gamemaster’s Apprentice Deck [GMA].

Current situation:

Rubeus / Red – First Gladiator: Arak [skill 1]; Dead Gladiators: –

Crocea / Yellow – First Gladiator: Ugeranox [skill 1]; Dead Gladiators: Venna

I rolled new gladiators for both Rubeus and Crocea.

Bemos vs Taratras

Red: Bemos, 31 years old, from Hispania. Armed with Sword, Light Armor and Helmet [Save: 2] Strength:7

Yellow: Teratras, 28 years old, from Egypt. Only armed with a sword. [Save: 0] Strength:7


After a couple of missed attacks on both sides, Bemos is the first to hit [a light -1 wound]. Teratras misses again and Bemos this time injuries her [a -3 wound]. Teratras reacts and also scores a serious hit [-3]. Bemos uses a good activation roll to move to the side of Teratras: he scores a critical hit. Teratras is beaten! The crowd grant her Missio.

Bemos vs Ugeranox

Red: Bemos, 31 years old, from Hispania. Armed with Sword, Light Armor and Helmet [Save: 2] After his recent victory over Teratras, he now has the Attack Skill [attack rolls +1]. Strength:10
Yellow: Ugeranox, a 15 years old boy from Gallia. He is armed with sword and shield. Ugeranox (having a large shield) has no activation bonus. He has the Reflexes skill and can re-roll activation rolls of 1. Strength: 7

Ugeranox immediately hits, only causing a scratch [-1].
Bemos moves to Ugeranox’ right side and places a terrible blow [-6]. Ugeranox is Injured. Yet the Gaul hits in his turn, but only causes a second scratch. Ugeranox successfully parries the next attack with his shield and hits again: now Bemos is injured too. Bemos rolls another excellent activation: his sword attack is parried by Ugeranox’ shield, but the Hispanic improvises a kick that unexpectedly beats the Gaul. Ugeranox appeals for Missio, but the crowd wants him dead.

Bemos gains a second skill: Dodge [enemies Attack at -1]

Some background about Bemos:
[GMA Enslave Despondent Aura] In Hispania, Bemos made such a great career in the army that Consul Severius was worried of his ever increasing power. Severius had Bemos captured under false accusations and sold as a slave.
[GMA: Bless Frightful Skill] Thanks to his skill in man-to-man combat, Bemos easily obtained the dubious privilege to fight as a gladiator. He hoped to find a way to regain his freedom and take vengeance on Severius.

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