The Papyria Arena 2 – Arak vs Ugeranox

A second match in my gladiator campaign.
Munera Sine Missione by Gary Comardo, Victor Jarmusz, Alan Saunders. v2.3 version as edited by Yokiboy and available on boardgamegeek.

For inspiration, I will use the free version of the Gamemaster’s Apprentice Deck.

Red: Arak, a 27 years old man from Mauretania. His weapons are a sword and a lasso. He has now gained the [Attack +1] skill. Arak rolls activation with a +2 bonus.
Yellow: Ugeranox, a 15 years old boy from Gallia. He is armed with sword and shield. Ugeranox (having a large shield) rolls activation with a +1 bonus.

Arak rolls a Strength of 6.  Ugeranox 10.

Arak attacks with his Lasso but fails. Ugeranox moves closer and tries a sword attack, which also fails. Arak entangles Ugeranox with his lasso, but the Celt is fast in getting free of it. Two of Arak’s attacks are blocked by Ugeranox’ shield, the boy also hits Arak causing a serious wound (Arak is now injured and only has a +1 activation bonus). Arak has been pushed to the border of the arena: he is forced to turn around to move out of that dangerous position. He also tries an attack on Ugeranox’ side not protected by the shield, but with no luck. The Celt hits Arak a second time and parries with his shield the counter attack. The third successful hit of Ugeranox’ sword finally takes Arak down. He is beaten and asks the crowd for missio: they grudgingly do so. His life is spared.


Ugeranox gains the Reflexes skill: he will reroll Activations rolls of ‘1’.

Some background about Ugeranox: [Gamemaster’s Apprentice Cards: absolve distant superstitions]. When he was born, the shaman of his tribe noticed uncommon bad omens. His family was forced to get rid of him. He was risen by a family of Roman settlers.

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