The Papyria Arena – 1

I am starting a small and gruesome campaign based on the simple free gladiator game Munera Sine Missione by Gary Comardo, Victor Jarmusz, Alan Saunders. I will be using v2.3 version as edited by Yokiboy and available on boardgamegeek.

The campaign is set in the Egyptian town of Papyria, that hosted a few of my skirmish games in the past. The two main gladiator stables are run by Rubeus (red) and Crocea (yellow). I will start with one-on-one fights and add a few details about the winner. For inspiration, I will use the free version of the Gamemaster’s Apprentice Deck.


The first contenders are:

Red: Arak, a 27 years old man from Mauretania. His weapons are a sword and a lasso.

Yellow: Venna, a 28 years old woman from Thracia. She wears armor and helmet and is armed with a trident.

Arak rolls a Strength of 8. Venna only 5.

After a few failed attacks on both sides, Arak entangles Venna with his lasso. Venna still manages to hit Arak with her trident inflicting a light wound. Arak also strikes, but his sword just scratches Venna. Venna cannot get free of Arak’s lasso. The man is too hasty in his attack and looses his sword! But he is agile enough to readily recover it.
Venna finally manages to free herself of the lasso, but Arak immediately catches her again. This time, Venna breaks the lasso. Before she can attack, Arak’s sword strikes hard. Venna is beaten, bleeding copiously.
The Papyrian public doesn’t grant her mercy, and Arak finishes her.

Some background about Arak. [GMA: alter bewildering pain]
Arak made part of a mercenary company famous for torturing their prisoners.

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