Ybeena Chain Reaction – The giant “snail” alien (4)

Previous events: Sgt.Claude has been assigned to the robotized platoon lead by Lt.Bassma. They are fighting aliens and collaborationists in the town of Ybeena. Claude’s first missions don’t impress Bassma: she judges him too arrogant and careless. But Bassma soon finds out she has bigger problems. The alien expert of the Company (Dr.Jodie Skarus) is insinuating that Bassma could be a collaborationist traitor. Skarus is currently held in great esteem: she successfully decrypted alien inscription in a collaborationist site just reconquered by the Earthlings.

Two Hour Wargames – Chain Reaction 2015 Skirmish rules.
Sophia Brandt‘s Minimal Solo RPG MiSo.
The Gamemaster Apprentice’s Cards (GMA) for random insipration.
For a summary of the main characters, see this post.
Here you can find some details about my Chain Reaction house-rules.]

Do Claude and the GN-5 Robot get a REP4 grunt for the squad?
D6:4 D5:4 – they only get a REP3 soldier.

The Green team enters the area from the North-East corner. To accomplish their mission, they must come into contact with two of the three pink markers.


The aliens activate first. The Potential Enemy Force (PEF) behind the beige cubes is resolved as six (!) aliens. The three on the right come in sight of the Green team, that wins the In Sight test. Two of the aliens are forced to Duck Back, but the third activates his eye-ray and puts the Green grunt Out of the Fight.

The PEF on the left resolves as a giant alien! Is eye-ray is aimed at GN-5, but thankfully it misses.

Not so on the text turn. The Robot is hit and Explodes! Claude is lucky not to get wounded. He boldly advances, still hoping to be able to accomplish his mission.
The aliens advance and their eye-rays force Claude to Duck Back.
He finally manages to kill one of the aliens and the others partially fail their Alien-Down test and stop to feast on the corpse of their comrade. Abominable creatures!
Unluckily, one of them was too far to take part in the feasting. He charges Claude who is taking cover behind the arch. Claude fights bravely but is finally wounded.


Claude leaves the battlefield, recovering the wounded Grunt.

Do the Green conquer sector (D) – unlikely:
D6: NO
D6:6 D4:4 NO – The next mission will be Patrol again, this time in the Green-controlled central area of Ybeena (E).

I turn to MiSo to see the effects of the appearance of the Giant “snail” alien.
GMA: Convince Unclear Skill
D6 A Lt.Bassma is impressed by Claude’s cold blood in such a difficult situation. Now she knows he can trust him under the worst possible circumstances.
D4 B Jodie Skarus had announced that giants aliens were to be expected in the area. It’s one of the informations she got from the inscriptions she recently decrypted. The high spheres are even more impressed by her competence.

D6:1 D4:4 – Option B
Colonel Rakat summons Lt.Bassma to the regiment HQ for questioning.
Let’s learn some more about Col.Rakat [GMA: Meet stealthy illness]

The Colonel is a fervent supporter of biological warfare. He is sure that H.G.Wells’ The War of the Worlds is a prophetic book and that the aliens can only be defeated by viruses.

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