Ybeena Chain Reaction – Claude and GN-5 meet Dagrad (3)

Two Hour Wargames – Chain Reaction 2015 Skirmish rules
Sophia Brandt‘s Minimal Solo RPG MiSo.
The Gamemaster Apprentice’s Cards for random insipration
BOLD (Universal PC Stories and Deeds Generator) Waylay – to define conflict

For a summary of the main characters, see this post.]

Claude and a GN-5 robot will be patrolling area (D).

[MiSo] Do they get an additional REP4 Soldier (likely):
D6: 3 D4:4 NO

Claude and the Robot enter from the North. They must come in contact with at least two of the three objective (the pink cubes). Three Potential Enemy Force markers await inside the ruined building (the white pawns).


Two of the PEFs are False Alarms, but the closest one reveals the Collaborationist leader Dagrad together with a REP4 grunt.


The Robot charges and puts the grunt Out of the Fight. Dagrad and Claude exchange fire. Dagrad is wounded [now REP4, orange marker], Claude ducks back.


The Bot follows Dagrad and attempts another charge, but Dagrad fires and temporarily disables it.


Claude pop-out from the door on the right, wins the In Sight test and fires. Claude misses, but Dagrad fails the Received Fire test and leaves the battlefield.


Dagrad leaves the battlefield

An excellent Green victory. It’s a pity that Dagrad made it to safety.
Do the Greens conquer sector D (likely)?

D6:1 D4:2 NO

The next mission will again be Patrolling Sector (D).

After the success of Claude’s squad, is Lt.Bassma getting credit, or Dr.Jodie Skarus?
A D6 Bassma
B D4 Jodie

D6:1 D4:3 Jodie

GMA: Pacify Broken Temple
Jodie has successfully decrypted the inscription in a recently reconquered collaborationist site in Ybeena sector (E). This remarkable success make her insinuations about Bassma more credible.

What Claude’s next mission be?
BOLD: the honorable strange
Dr.Solmerer, the famous collborationist scientist, has been reported to be in sector (D). Patrolling the area will have the objective of assessing his presence.

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