Ybeena Chain Reaction – Claude and GN-5 on a Raid mission (2)

Two Hour Wargames – Chain Reaction 2015 Skirmish rules
Sophia Brandt‘s Minimal Solo RPG MiSo.
The Gamemaster Apprentice’s Cards for random insipration
BOLD (Universal PC Stories and Deeds Generator) Waylay – to define conflict]

Claude will be attacking an area of Sector (D), with the objective to destroy a targeting device deployed by the enemy. He will be accompanied by a GN-5 Robot, much more advanced than the BK-5: this model is armed with rockets (causing damage in a 3” radius blast area).

Claude and the Robot enter the area from the West.


The first Potential Enemy Force (PEF) marker resolves as three REP5 aliens. The blue vehicle is where the objective of the mission is.


One of the two PEFs near the building at the North is a false alarm. but the second PEF resolves as five more aliens (a mix of REP4 and 5). They charge the Robot, who puts two of them out of the fight. Green fire sends the other aliens Ducking Back behind buildings.


The aliens pop out to try a second charge, but they are put down by Claude and GN-5. The last survivor Ducks Back inside the building. The Greens move forward towards the objective.


They reach the car. The robot puts down two of the aliens. The other is sent ducking back behind the vehicle. Claude disables the targeting device: mission accomplished. The two surviving aliens are forced to Duck Back while Greens return to the base.


Do the Green conquer sector (D)?

D6: Yes
D4: No

D6:3 D4:4 NO

The next mission will be a Patrol in sector (D). [GMA: Weaken Wreckage] The area to Patrol includes a semi-destroyed building.
How does the relationship between Claude and his superior Lt.Bassma evolve?
[GMA: Impending Prophecy]

A D6 Dr. Jodie Skarus, the alien expert attached to the company, is the source of Bassma’s discredit. Rumors say that Jodie expects Bassma to switch sides and join the collaborationists. Bassma now believes she doesn’t need to make enemies among her own men.

B D4: Sgt. Otis from another squad under Bassma accuses Claude of being unworthy of being a Sergeant. He says he expects Claude to be killed in the next mission.

D6:2 D4: 1 (option A)

Let’s find out something more about Jodie.


Sgt. Jodie Skarus [GMA: Remember Stealthy Trial] Her knowledge about the aliens doesn’t derive from academic studies and raised suspicion in the army. She was processed and spent several months in jail, but finally managed to convince the court that her knowledge has the only aim of helping the Earthlings fight the aliens. She still beliefs her rank is considerably below what she deserves.

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