Zurqana Chain Reaction mini-campaign final (8)

I have new projects with Two Hour Wargames (THW) Chain Reaction 2015. Since the greens were only one step away from winning the mini-campaign, I devised a final scenario and kept playing it until the Green won: OK, I cheated 🙂

It’s a Raid scenario and they have to capture the Blue leader Yrbiz, who will appear in the first PEF (Potential Enemy Force) revealed. During the first two runs, the Greens were defeated. Here is the report of the third run.

The Greens enter from the North-East corner. I rolled all the PEFs in the central section of the board. I guess this gave the Greens a considerable advantage: in order to capture one of the enemies, they must get close to them.


The PEF at the center of the board reveals Yrbiz together with two soldiers (REP 5 and 4). The Greens have split into two teams: the grunt you can see here is with Claude, while Rayan and the other grunt are on the opposite side of the building.


The first firefight goes well for the Greens: Yrbiz and the REP 4 soldier are down. The REP 5 Blue ducks back.


The other two Greens advance on the right, revealing a single REP 5 soldier.


The newly appeared Blue puts down a Green grunt, but Rayan has taken a good position and hits him. The pink cube marks the unconscious Yrbiz as the mission objective.


Claude picks up Yrbiz, while the surviving Grunt and Rayan cover him, forcing the Blue soldier to Duck Back again.


The Greens leave the field with their prisoner.


Chain Reaction works well. The PEF system adds unpredictability to the scenario, and the different reaction rolls have a similar effect during play. I would like to add some more “story” linking scenarios to each other, but the properly “skirmishing” seems to me well covered by THW.

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