Zurqana Chain Reaction – The Green Grunts win a Raid (7)

GREENBLUE_2The Greens enter from the South. They must recover a case full of documents that is hidden somewhere in this area.


The PEF in the building at the center of the board resolve as Yrbiz and two blue soldiers, one of which armed with a bazooka. The objective must be inside that building (the pink cube). The terrain is favorable: all the Greens can take cover behind a car, with excellent LOS to the objective.


The first round is favorable to the Greens, who put the two Blue soldiers Out of the Fight. Yrbiz ducks back inside the building.


Claude and one of the Green grunts move to the porch on the right. Two of the other PEFs are false alarms, but on the left other four Blue soldiers appear! The leader is REP5 and the others REP3.


The enemies on the left are kept in check: as soon as one peeps out, is brought down by Rayan and the grunt next to him. On the other hand, Yrbiz resists, coming out to fire the occasional shot and ducking back inside the building.


Claude thinks that a Charge might be a good way to end the fight: bad idea.

Once again, charging an enemy in cover is a bad idea….

Claude is put Out of the Fight by Yrbiz. In the meantime, one of the Blues on the left has managed to reach the central building. One of the Green Grunts moves behind the same building to cover his comrades. Rayan tries a second charge against Yrbiz.


Yrbiz fires and puts the charging Rayan down. The two surviving Green grunts don’t loose their nerves. One of the two charges and puts out of the fight the REP3 blue behind the building. The other Green soldier finally manages to hit Yrbiz with a rifle shot. The enemies are all gone and the documents can be recovered!


New campaign score (Raids won):
Green 2 – Blue 0

Next time, the Greens will fight another Raid, with the chance to win the campaign.

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