Zurqana Chain Reaction – Failed Raid for food (3)



Claude and Rayan are sent to a second Raid mission, with the objective to capture a large quantity of food that has been recently brought into Zurqana by the Blue army.

In the encounter area there are four small buildings, with four PEFs (Potential Enemy Force markers) scattered among them. The Greens enter from the South.


Rayan activates first and, together with one of the two grunts, moves towards the nearest building on the left. In doing so, he comes into sight of a first PEF, which is resolved as a single Blue sniper. The sniper shoots and kills the grunt. Rayan fires back and puts the sniper out of the fight.


The PEFs activate and move into site. From behind the yellow car, four Blue soldiers appear, including their Leader Yrbiz. The Green win the In Sight test and Rayan is again infallible, putting Yrbiz down. The three blue grunts (REP3) fail the Man Down test and Leave the Battlefield.


Three more Blue soldiers appear behind the mimetic vehicle at the North of the area (two REP5, one REP4). The vehicle must be loaded with the food the Greens are looking for. The Blue soldiers aim at Claude and the grunt next to him and put both down. Rayan is forced to Duck Back and, given the situation, decides to leave the field.


Next time C&R will have a Patrolling mission.

Raid score (unchanged):
Green 1 – Blue 0

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