Zurqana Chain Reaction – Raiding for forbidden weapons (2)

After the first successful Patrol, Claude and Rayan are sent to Raid mission, in which they will have to collect proof of forbidden chemical weapons allegedly used by the Blue Army (GameMaster’s Apprentice cards: “Sacrilegious Weapon”).


In the encounter area there are several small buildings, with four PEFs (Potential Enemy Force markers) scattered among them. The Greens enter from the left.


They move towards the turned over car. Doing so, they come in sight of two PEFs that reveal no enemy force.


The wrecked car also turns out to be clean, but Ybriz’s Blue squad peeps out from behind the blue wall, after moving forward in cover from the building on the right. They have the mission objective with them (the pink cube).


The Greens split into two groups, with the grunts taking cover behind the car. Claude and Rayan move forward in the open. Yrbiz aims at Claude, who Ducks Back on the opposite side of the blue wall. Claude fires back and puts Yrbiz out of combat.


The Grunts put out of combat the Blue rifleman and Rayan kills the one armed with a bazooka before he can shoot his first rocket. The forbidden weapons are successfully recovered and the Green side scores the first of the three Raid successes needed to win the campaign!


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