Zurqana Chain Reaction – Yrbiz stops a Patrol mission (4)

Fourth game in my Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction Final Version mini-campaign.

The Green squad lead by Sgt. Claude has been stopped in the last Raid mission. They are now back to patrolling. The objective of the mission is to patrol the right side of the board.
Four PEFs (Potential Enemy Forces) await near the two small buildings and the two vehicles.

The squad move forward, and the two PEFs near the vehicles turn out to be false alarms. Carry on.


Also the PEF near the building with the gray roof disappears, but the last one, in the building on the right, activates and resolves as the Blue Leader Yrbiz with three REP3 Grunts. The Green squad has split: Claude is moving towards the red pick-up, while Rayan tries to reach the yellow car.


The first firefight is favorable to the Greens: Rayan sends Yrbiz in Duck Back and the Green grunt next to him kills one of the Blue grunts.


Claude and the other grunt have reached the pick-up. Claude Ducks Back, while the grunt kills a second Blue soldier. Now the Greens are four against two: this looks like a very favorable situation!


Rayan and his grunt comrade boldly Charge into Melee. The grunt charges Yrbiz, who fires and kills him. Rayan kills the last Blue grunt.


Yrbiz is the last Blue figure, yet he manages to kill the Green soldier in the pick-up and Rayan with two consecutive shots. Yrbiz and Claude are left alone: a long and tense pistol duel. Finally, Yrbiz hits Claude and obtains a well-deserved victory!


Next time C&R will face their first Defend mission.

Raid score (unchanged):
Green 1 – Blue 0

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