Chain Reaction – The Zurqana campaign (1)

Since my test game with Two Hour Wargames Test Reaction have been positive, I have decided to start a skirmishing campaign.
The Greens and the Blues are fighting for the control of the town of Zurqana. The Green side is lead by Sgt. Claude and his sidekick Rayan. The team also includes a few REP4 grunts (typically 2).


The composition of the Blue squad is variable, since it is determined via PEF (Potential Enemy Force) resolution. The leader of the Blues is Yrbiz, with the same stats as Claude, but he will not show up in all games (this depends on how the PEFs are resolved). I use a custom PEF table that on the average provides a squad as strong as the Green squad, but with a lot of variability which can result in a much weaker or much stronger Blue squad.


My current idea is to end the campaign when one of the side has won 3 Raid missions. This will likely require 6-10 games, but we will see.

The first mission is patrolling the square in front of a long building. PEFs (white chess pieces) are lurking in the building, and one is near the yellow car at the center of the square.


Claude’s men move forward and they find no opposition near the yellow car. Also two of the PEFs near the building are resolved, revealing a single Blue REP5 soldier, who is readily put down by the Greens. A last PEF is hidden behind the Porsche near the building.


The last PEF turns out to be Yrbiz escorted by three REP3 soldiers.


The Greens move forward, but Rayan and one of the two Grunts are taken down while crossing the gap between the yellow and the blue car. Also one of the Blue Grunts goes down in the firefight and the other Blues are finally forced to Duck Back.


Claude takes advantage of the favorable moment and moves forward in the open, reaching the goal of the Patrol mission.


The REP 3 blue soldier shoots at Claude who, luckily, dodges the bullet by going prone in the open.


Having accomplished the mission, Claude moves back to the blue car. The Green grunt takes a couple of excellent shots and puts Yrbiz and the last Blue grunt out of the fight.


A great Green victory! The next game will be a Green Raid, with the possibility of scoring a first point towards the campaign’s goal.

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