Chain Reaction AAR – tough patrol mission

Here is a second Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction AAR.

This time I used for PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces) represented by the black pieces highlighted in blue. The four green soldiers have been sent to scout the area: they must spend an activation close to the opposite side of the table.


The Greens split into two teams of two soldiers each and move forward.


On the left, behind the beige block, they find three Gray soldiers. The Grays win the In Sight test, fire, put down one of the Greens and force the other to Duck Back behind the beige block.


Similar bad luck on the right side: the two PEFs behind the yellow/brown wall turn out to be three enemy soldiers! This time, the Greens win the In Sight test and fire, forcing all the three enemies to Duck Back. This brings them in sight of the Green soldier on the left: the Green fires but again the effect is only a further Duck Back. All the six Grays are still in play.


The Grays move around the two sides of the beige block and easily put down the isolated Green soldier.
A furious firefight follows, with the Greens taking cover behind the yellow/brown wall. Quite unexpectedly, the Greens manage to put down all the three soldiers on the left and two of the three nearer to them! The only Gray survivor Ducks further back, next to the building at the far end of the table (close to the objective of the Greens).


The Greens move forward: there is a last PEF to be resolved, but they are close to their objective and currently have the advantage of being 2 against one. But moving in the open towards an enemy in cover is always dangerous: when the Greens come In Sight, the Gray wins the test and puts both of them down.


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