Simple Plastic Men Chain Reaction firefight

After several years, I gave another try to Chain Reaction by Two Hour Wargames.

Since my goal was just to try out the rules, I didn’t even think of a scenario. The Green guys enter from the Sout-East corner, the Black guys from the North-West. I threw some random terrain in the middle. The Green and Black leaders are REP5 (better quality) the others REP4, but the two leaders have pistols, that roll a single die, while the other figures have rifles, rolling two dice.


Round 1: the Greens split into two groups of two figures each. The Grays have to cross a small space in the open to reach the high dark wall and one of them goes down as a victim of reaction fire from the Greens.


Round 2: A single Green soldier takes cover behind the red truck and manages to put down a second Black soldier. The other three Green guys run through the empty area towards the yellow car.


Round 3: One of the Greens is killed while running in the open. The other two reach cover, but the leader is hit anyway. The Gray lose two more men in this firefight. The Gray soldier behind the red truck is forced to Duck Back.


Round 4: there are three Black soldiers behind the dark wall and a single Green behind the yellow car. They decide to go for a charge, but the Green guy reacts by firing and takes down the charger. The two surviving Grays, having lost twice as many comrades, fail their “Man Down Check” and leave the battlefield.


A very dynamic and enjoyable game. The rules really do most of the job and the solo player only has to take a minimum of decisions: it is mostly watching the plastic people act on their own.

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