DoubleTap v1.2 skirmish

I played a game with the last version of OPR Double Tap (v1.2).

I used two simple squads of 40 points each: the Reds are Q:5+, the Blues G:4+.


The Blue enter from the terrace at the South. The Reds from the corridor door at the North-East. The three green stones are the objectives.


Round 1: The Reds are fast at occupying the largest space, but one of them is readily killed by a Blue SMG-man. The Blue rifle-men move through the East door, to contend the East objective.


Round 2: One of the Blue SMG men is killed and the other is attacked in melee: the Red soldier is killed. The Blue rifle-men enter the corridor and one of them is killed.


Round 3: With two Blues killed, the Red have an advantage and push forward. But the Red pistol-armed soldier is killed, as well as the Red that tries a melee attack in the East corridor.


Round 4: the North objective was never contended and is won by the Reds. The South-West objective is secured by the surviving Blue SMG-soldier. The Red soldier in the corridor manages to survives until the end and secures the third objective and the victory to his side.

Once again, I forgot to use morale, but the rest of the rules seems to run smoothly. I like this kind of skirmish games in closed spaces: a lot of cover and melee. Quite exciting!


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