Doom in Prevelberg 3 – purple final

The finale of my solo To the Temple of Doom!

First session
Second session


Room 3:
Secret 1 – What is the source of my power?
My radio-enhanced telepathic link with my siblings on other planets.

The three heroes walk through the secret door. They inspect this huge space that occupies most of the building. Three cylindrical machines seem to be connected to the antennas on the roof. They are also connected to the head of an insect statue whose eyes glow purple in the dark. Near the central cylinder there is console: Isaak tries to switch the power off and fails (Successes:0 Fails: 1) – he rolls a double two, and must resist the voice of Athamion that he now hears speaking in his head. Milena finds an encrypted instruction plate on a side of the console: she tries to decipher it and fails (S:0 F:2). The only way seems to be cutting the tubes that connect the machines and the insect statue. Milena cuts the tube connecting the central cylinder to the one at the West (S:1 F:2). Cora cuts one of those connecting the statue and succeeds as well (S:2 F:2). Isaak fails, and has to take a wound to succeed (S3 F:2): when he cuts the last tube, a purple ray beams from the scorpion tail of the statue and hits him! He is now Critically wounded!


[the heroes must successfully use at least 2 of the three collected secrets in the final confrontation with the Ancient Evil]

Secret 6: the demented cultists. Behind the West cylinder, the heroes find stairs going down. On the stairs they are attacked by two Athamion cultists. Milena shoots them! (S:1 F:0).

Secret 8: bronze can stop the Ancient Evil. When they reach the underground room, the door of a bronze cage is slowly opening and the monstrous winged giant Athamion is moving forward. The monster attacks Isaak, who tries to dodge the attack and fails. He takes his third wound and dies! [Isaak’s death gives Cora and Milena a second chance to use this secret at their advantage]

Secret 1: Athamion’s power depends on the radio station. The radio receiver in the underground room seems to be directly connected to the antennas. Cora frantically tries to put it off and succeeds! (S:2 F:0).

Secret 8 again: Athamion starts to crawl back towards his cage. Milena stabs at him with her bronze sword. Failure: S:2 F:1. Athamion dies, but with a last swing of his claws he rips away Milena’s gas-mask. The body of Athamion disappears in a cloud of purple smoke, but Milena’s brilliant mind is lost forever.

Dice, sketches and GameMaster’s Apprentice cards

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